Degree in Telecommunications

The Bachelor in Telecommunications is a degree program that teaches students the importance of communication in connecting to people. The essential and fundamental principles of telecommunications are thoroughly discussed so that students enrolled in this class will eventually explore new ways to open channels of communication using different devices, mediums, and other technologies invented.

In addition, the Bachelor in Telecommunications degree program offers students an area of specialization on telecommunications technology or mass media.

What Kind of Jobs Can I get with a Telecommunications Degree?

Among the career options that are being offered for a Telecommunications Degree holder include Installer of telecommunication equipment, Repairer of telecommunication equipment, Installer of electrical and electronic equipment, Repairer of electrical and electronic equipment, Line installer and repairer, Specialist in computer support, Electrical engineering technician, and Electronic engineering technician.

The job opportunities available for a Telecommunications degree holder will depend on the degree level he or she has attained.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Telecommunications Degree?

A Telecommunications Degree undergraduate program takes two to four years to finish, while an additional of two to four years is needed to attain graduate programs.

How Much Can I Earn with a Telecommunications Degree?

The average earning of a Telecommunications Degree holder ranges from $25,000 to $70,000 annually. The salary, however, may vary because different companies have different salary rates. Aside from this, other factors like job title or position, educational attainment, and experience can affect the salary rate.

What Are Common Classes Involved in Earning a Telecommunications Degree?

The common classes involved in gaining a degree in Telecommunications are History of journalism, Group Psychology, Information Technology, Art Criticism, Signals Systems, Transmission Systems, Digital Electronics, Circuits Analysis, and Telephony.

The subjects listed here may not be available in all universities as each of them have a different course curriculum. The degree program you are enrolled to also affects the subject offered.

What Levels of Degrees Can Be Gained with a Telecommunications Degree?

Four levels of degrees can be gained with a Telecommunications Degree. This includes Associate, Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate Degree programs.

The Associate’s Degree in Telecommunications is a two-year degree program that provides the general background in technological communication. There are programs where students need to choose a branch of telecommunication as their area of expertise. In addition, this program concentrates on the core skills and theories required in the telecommunications industry.

The Bachelor’s Degree in Telecommunications is a four-year undergraduate program, which analyzes both the broadcasting and communication of data, video, and voice using different devices such as phones, computers, and other media technology developed. In addition, universities offer a specialization in either telecommunications technology or mass media.

The Master’s Degree in Telecommunications is a graduate program addressed as Master of Science in Telecommunication Systems or Master of Telecommunications and Software Engineering. Field of expertise includes networking, systems of development, information assurance, analysis and management. Skills that are being developed in a Telecommunications degree are creating, maintaining, and securing communication systems like Internet, landlines, cell phones, and satellite technologies.

The Doctorate Degree in Telecommunications needs a comprehensive study of digital communications, signal processing, and network management. Since telecommunications is dependent on computing technologies, students are assumed to have knowledge in software engineering, computer algorithms, and coding theory. Students need to pass a qualifying exam to attest their academic knowledge and awareness so that they can qualify for a doctoral candidacy.

What are the Best Colleges to Get a Telecommunications Degree?

The best colleges to get a Telecommunications Degree include Pace University, University of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania, American InterContinental University, Strayer University, DeVry University, Robert Morris College, Augusta Technical College, Coleman University, Chaffey College, and Technical Career Institutes.

What’s the Average Cost of a Telecommunications Degree?

There is no standard tuition and fees when enrolling for a Telecommunications Degree since rate varies from universities to universities. Factors that affect tuition fees such as location of the school, type of the school, and degree level you are enrolling should be considered. This course might be quite expensive as there are laboratory works required in this program.

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