Degree in Technology Management

The Bachelor of Technology Management is a degree program that provides opportunities for students to receive a broad education at the same time focusing their studies in technology. In addition, skills needed to advance into a Technical Management position.

What Kind of Jobs Can I get with a Technology Management Degree?

Career options for a Technology Management Degree holder include Chief technology officer, Technology manager, Director of information systems, Project manager, and technologies.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Technology Management Degree?

Undergraduate programs for Technology Management usually take two to four years to finish, while the graduate programs could take an additional two to four years.

How Much Can I Earn with a Technology Management Degree?

A Technology Management Degree holder can earn an average salary of $75,000 to $140,000 per year. However, the salary will differ from the company to company, job title and/or position, educational attainment, and experience.

What Are Common Classes Involved in Earning a Technology Management Degree?

The common classes involved in earning a Technology Management Degree are Graphics and Multimedia, Network Technology, Web Application Development, Project Management, Information Security, System Design and Programming, Network Architecture and Design, Applications Programming, Business Application Program Development, Client/Server Database Utilization, Computer Hardware Components, Computer Networks, Computer Systems Management, Data Communication and Networking, Database Management Systems, Information Systems Design and Implementation, Programming Languages, Software Development, and Systems Analysis.

The subjects listed above may not be available in all universities as the course curriculum will differ from university to university. Furthermore, the degree level you are enrolled to may matter in the availability of subjects.

What Levels of Degrees Can Be Gained with a Technology Management Degree?

There are five degree levels you can gain with Technology Management Degree, namely; Associate, Bachelor, Master, Executive Master, and Doctorate degrees.

The Associate’s Degree in Technology Management is a rare two-year degree program. This degree is not commonly offered in Technology Management. Moreover, this degree is intended for students who would like to transfer and earn credits to a bachelor’s degree. It offers students the introduction to business and management principles.

The Bachelor’s Degree in Technology Management is four-year degree program designed for students who are attracted to designing of computer systems along with managing networking and creating easy-to-use system designs. Students are being taught advanced technical terms and skills to qualify for management positions.

The Master’s Degree in Technology Management trains students in setting-up and developing technology in different industries and boosting the performance of a business using the technology.

The Executive Master’s Degree in Technology Management is a degree program that is highly-specialized that offers mid-career professionals advanced business and technology training.

The Doctorate Degree in Technology Management is a degree program provides you further and better understanding of business principles. In addition, students in degree will make research and analysis of the business principles discussed. Students are also required to write and defend their doctoral dissertation, attend doctoral seminars, and undergo teaching and research assistantships.

What are the Best Colleges to Get a Technology Management Degree?

The best colleges to get a Technology Management Degree include Carnegie Mellon University (Heinz), Syracuse University, University at Albany—SUNY, Georgia Institute of Technology, Harvard University, Indiana University—Bloomington, University of Nebraska—Omaha, University of California—Berkeley, North Carolina State University, Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey—Newark, University of Texas—Austin.

What’s the Average Cost of a Technology Management Degree?

Tuition fees and other costs of Technology Management degree may range from $10,000 to $30,000. The fees and costs will differ from school to school. Also, there are certain factors such as location of the school, type of the school, and degree program you are enrolled to that affects these factors. At the same time, there are some universities that do not include other fees such as textbooks and laboratory fees in their costs. Expect that in the Technology Management degree, it would be quite expensive as there are different hands-on exams and trainings that would be required.

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