Sports Therapists

A Sports Therapist is licensed to practice in the treatment of athletes with injuries on their muscles that affects their mobility, back, posture and others. Sports therapists are special physical therapists who work with amateur and profession athletes in rehabilitating and preventing their injuries through the use of proper training and in other techniques. Several of the sports therapists possess master’s and doctorate degrees. They work with professional teams, schools and sports & health clubs.

Sports Therapist Education Requirements

The sports therapy rehabilitation degree is a curriculum that is science-based and be completed in 2 years to become a therapist assistant to 6 years to complete a doctorate degree. There are various areas of expertise in sports therapy namely sports massage, mind and body, exercise science and kinesiology, sports psychology and training techniques. Each of the courses have their own prerequisites.

To be able to treat people with medical problems, you need to acquire a college degree. You need to complete an undergraduate degree with majors in biology, physics, chemistry or exercise physiology. The undergraduate programs of sports medicine are often part of an program in exercise science or kinesiology.

To advance in your career as sports therapist, you must take an advanced degree in a physical therapy course. There are several schools offering the doctorate degree in physical therapy and you can acquire the list from the American Physical Therapy Association. The programs will require clinical work and treating patients under the supervision of a licensed therapist.

You must also get accredited with certified organizations in certain specialities. This requires a certain amount of work experience and sports therapist education requirements. The organizations that awards certifications are American College of Sports Medicine, National Athletic Trainers Association and American Council on Exercise. Each of these organization have their requirements for their memberships.

Studying to become a sports therapist is very much like becoming a doctor. The course load in the science-based classes are heavy and you have to get top undergraduate grades to be accepted into the doctorate programs. If your grades do not meet the standards, consider instead a career in sports therapy administration or in training. These are careers that will allow you in working with clients without having to prescribe or diagnose treatment.

What courses count towards Sports Therapist

The common courses taken to complete the Sports Therapist required education are anatomy, physics, chemistry, physiology and psychology.

What levels of degrees are available for Sports Therapist

Associate of Science-Sports Medicine focuses on the athletic training and prepares the student for the smooth transition into a certified 4 year program in sports medicine. The basics of the program provides the solid foundation in injury prevention, health risk factors and preventive care. This is a 2 year technical or vocational course taken in community or in junior colleges. Students may have a high school diploma or GED and a C average.

Bachelor of Science degree in Sports Medicine focuses on the fitness assessment, business management and lifestyle modification in sports. It prepares the students for their graduate studies and research in physical therapy, medicine and chiropractic medicine.

Master’s degree in Sports Therapy focuses on the preventive measures and the related education needed for chronic and acute injuries. The students develop their management and clinical skills and learn the treatment for sports-related injuries. This is a 2 year program that requires the completion of a bachelor’s degree.

Doctorate Degree in Sports Therapy teaches students how to work with recreational and professional athletes in completing their internships with a university athletic department or with the professional sports organizations. The main bulk of this program is the submission of a dissertation which is presented before the faculty members before their graduation.

What are the financial requirements to become a Sports Therapist

The average cost for a sports therapist degree may vary depending on the degree being taken, the school and its location, the residency of the student and the various costs on top of the tuition. One university in the US offers the master’s degree at a cost of $6,848 and the doctorate degree at $9,150.

What the continuing education requirements for Sports Therapist

An internship with practical training is an important part of the sports therapist continuing education in becoming a certified sports therapist. The internships are assigned at hospitals, medical offices and sports teams. Then get licensed to be able to practice sports therapy. State boards administer the tests because each state has their own sports therapist requirements.

Board licensed specialists should also consider getting a mistral and doctorate degree in sports therapy. These degree programs may take up to 6 to 9 semesters to finish. This will qualify them for the sports therapist certification and certificates awarded by APTA. The candidate should be licensed, pass the examinations and have a sports therapy clinical practice of 2,000 hours.

What are the skills necessary to become a Sports Therapist

A professional therapist is not only academically accomplished but they must also have the following sports therapist qualifications:

  • Must be trustworthy, honest and possess high ethical standards
  • Must be adaptable, a good communicator and dependable
  • Must be willing to work long hours and be patient
  • Must have a genuine interest in sports and in helping people with injuries

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