Speech Therapist

Speech therapists not only help an individual speak better. They work with people of all ages in improving the way they communicate. Speech therapists are very helpful to people in whether its overcoming a stutter, or learning how to speak after recovering from a stroke, or by simply achieving the better quality of speech.

Speech Therapist Education Requirements

To become a speech therapist requires several years of learning and extensive training. The first step in becoming a Speech therapist is to acquire a Bachelor’s degree in pathology of pre-professional speech-language field or in a course related to it. After the completion of this degree, you can further take your Master’s degree with an accredited graduate program from a certified college or university. This program. To be come a licensed and registered speech therapist, you must take the national licensure examinations given by the Educational Testing Service. The speech therapist certification and certificates are acquired by passing the exam and rendering several months of clinical experience.

What courses count towards Speech Therapist

The typical courses taken to complete the Speech Therapist required education and a speech therapist degree are communication disorders, articulation disorders, normal language development, phonetics, audiology, physiology and anatomy of speech and hearing, diagnostic methods, behavioral neuroscience, disorders of hearing, clinical observation, language disorders of children and clinical practicum.

What levels of degrees are available for Speech Therapist

  • A Bachelor’s Degree in a pre-professional speech-language pathology program or a related field is the initial requirement in becoming a speech therapist. The typical coursework involved in completing the program teaches the student the knowledge they need in correcting speech defects in their patients, the causes and treatments that will be effective to use making them qualified to perform their therapeutic duties.
  • A Master’s degree in Speech Therapy that is obtained in any of the accredited universities and colleges by the Council on Academic Accreditation in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology. The various courses taken during the undergraduate program will be studied in greater depth. The additional courses that are required includes aural rehabilitation, fluency and stuttering, modification of articulation, acquired language disorders, swallowing disorders, motor speech disorders, research design, an advanced clinical practicum and with an inclusion of a research project.

What are the financial requirements to become a Speech Therapist

The cost of tuition to acquire a Speech therapy degree may vary depending on the school where the student enrolled, the level of learning, the state, the residency of the student and on the other costs on top of the tuition. For in-state students, the tuition cost for a Master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology may range from below $5,657 to higher than $12,849.

What the continuing education requirements for Speech Therapist

To attain additional credentials, the graduate must undergo a successfully complete the national examination for speech-language pathology from the Praxis Series administered by the Educational Testing Service. This is accomplished together with an additional 300 hours of a supervised clinical experience and with 9 months of the professional clinical experience. These are the Speech Therapist requirements in order to be licensed and registered as speech therapists.

Another Speech therapist continuing education requirement is obtained from American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. This enables speech therapists to obtain their Clinical Competence in Speech-language Pathology certificate. The certificate requires completion of the master’s degree program from a certified program with 400 hours of a supervised clinical experience, 36 weeks of postgraduate fellowship and successfully passing the Praxis test on speech-language pathology. This meets the licensing requirements in several states.

What are the skills necessary to become a Speech Therapist

Aside from the completion of the Speech Therapist education requirements, here are the following Speech Therapist qualifications that you need to be truly successful:

  1. Must have the patience and genuine desire to help people in improving their speech
  2. Must speak and hear very well to detect speech impediments and correct them effectively by being excellent in communications themselves
  3. Must have the commitment to undergo all the necessary training to become highly qualified to perform as a therapist

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