School Nurse

A school nurse is similar to a pediatric nurse in the sense that you will be handling school-aged children. Aside from handling the usual problems that children would have like headaches, fever, stomach aches and diarrhea, you are also responsible for preventing these children from getting preventable diseases through immunization. In this sense, school nurses would also act as public health nurses as it is also their responsibility to promote and maintain the health of the children attending the school.

The basic school nurse education requirements is to have at least an Associate’s degree so that you can obtain your license as a registered nurse. On the other hand, most people would opt to finish a Bachelor’s degree before getting their license as a registered nurse. This way, they would be better prepared for their future when working as nurses already. If you plan on finishing just an Associate’s degree, then you can become a school nurse within a span of 2-3 years only. But taking up a Bachelor’s degree would last around 4-5 years before you can finally apply and obtain a school nurse degree.

What courses count towards school nurse education requirements?

As a school nurse, you will have to know how to tell whether o not a child is indeed sick as there would be kids who would be faking their illness. Also, you need to know the treatment for simple problems like headaches, nose bleeding and vomiting so that you don’t have to keep on relying on a doctor to tell you what the treatment for simple problems such as these. You should also be able to differentiate whether or not the problem is already severe and the patient will need further help. To be able to know all of these, school nurse required education would involve a lot of different classes ranging from knowing the normal body by studying anatomy and physiology, while also having classes like health and wellness, family nursing, etc to help with understanding how to properly care for school-aged children.

What levels of degrees are available for school nurse?

As stated earlier, you can choose from either finishing an Associate’s degree or Bachelor’s degree before you can become a school nurse. You also have the option of attaining a diploma which can be done by completing an online degree for nursing. Once you have completed any of these school nurse requirements, you can already apply for your license as a registered nurse then work at a school clinic as their nurse. there are others who may also opt to earn a Master’s degree first that will help them specialize in handling children thus making them even better equipped to handle children in school.

What are the financial requirements to become a school nurse?

School nurse qualifications are not very hard to accomplish and you will not need any advanced education for you to become one. Because of this, the financial requirements are also a bit lower compared to other nursing fields. The route that will require the lowest financial requirement that you can take is by completing an Associate’s degree or obtaining a diploma. You will not have to spend as much compared to completing a Bachelor’s degree. This would cost you more then $20,000 in tuition fees in addition to other expenses like laboratory fees, uniforms and medical books. Obtaining your certificate as a registered nurse will also cost additional money although this would not be very expensive already.

What the continuing education requirements for a school nurse?

As a nurse, you need to take up school nurse continuing education to make sure you are kept up to date with the newest developments in the field of nursing. Almost all states would require that nurses continue studying so that they will know what the newest protocol are when it comes to treating certain child illnesses. Some would not allow nurses to renew their license of these classes are not yet completed. Also, school nurses may also take additional classes like basic life support, and first aid classes that will come in handy in certain emergency situations. These classes would award you with school nurse certification and certificates which will further add to your credentials and make more schools want to recruit you, thus increasing the amount of salary that you can make. Of course, you will be able to better care for your patients as well.

What are the skills necessary to become a school nurse?

Skills to become a good school nurse that you will need to learn during your education and training are being able to communicate well with children and knowing what their problems may be. This will help make you come up with how to best treat them and to know whether or not they are faking an illness. You will also need to learn how to be patient when dealing with children as they can be very unpredictable and some may even act violently especially if they are not feeling very well. As a school nurse, you will need to know how to diagnose simple illnesses of children as well so you don’t have to keep on relying on a doctor even for simple cases.

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