Sales Manager

The job of the sales manager is to organize and oversee the selling portion of the business. The ultimate goal of the sales manager is in discovering ways on how to boost their sales and maximize their profits.

The sales manager is also in charge of analyzing sales data. He collects this data from all the sales representatives that are under his or her supervision. The data is used to keep track of the sales and in making projections and trends in sales figures.

Using this data, the sales manager creates new sales techniques to reach his customers in the best way. Often, the sales manager is expected to train the other sales representative with the newest techniques, which means the sales manager should not only understand the service, product or the market, but must also train other to successfully meet the need of their customers.

Sales Manager Education Requirements

Although it is not part of the sales manager requirements to have formal schooling, it does make the difference between numerous sales manager candidates. It is important that a big piece of your sales manager training comes from real world sales experience. A sales manager must know how to sell their products well but must also have a strong business background. Most employers prefer hiring sales managers who at lease have a bachelor’s degree in sales, marketing, merchandising, business administration, public relations or advertising. Other degrees that are also acceptable are liberal arts, accounting, English, sociology and psychology.

Choose a field or specialty that you want to focus on and tailor fit your education there. The more applicable the coursework you choose and the certifications that you earn, the more likely that you will be hired for the lucrative job as a sales manager.

What courses count towards Sales Manager

The typical coursework in completing the Sales Manager required education are Consumer Behavior, Marketing Management, Decision Making, Finance, Sales and Negotiation Techniques, Conflict Management and Competitive Strategies.

What levels of degrees are available for Sales Manager

  • The Associate Degree for Sales and Marketing Management are more on lectures on the essentials of markets, sales, customers and advertising. It emphasizes on how to become an effective communicator and how to express the clear and compelling arguments for a business, product or service.
  • The Bachelor in Sales and Marketing Management degree teaches the students on how to identify their target market and how to attract them. They are also taught how to device effective methods of promotion and following up sales, how to overcome objection, and secure the favorable responses to their specific idea, service or product. Upon completion of the degree program, the graduates will have good job opportunities in charities, corporations, government offices, boutiques and chain stores.
  • The Masters in Sales and Marketing Management Degree in general is free form. The program allows the students to develop their study course and to engage in particular research interests. At this level, the students work with professors and with the other faculty members in developing their intended study course.

What are the financial requirements to become a Sales Manager

The average tuition cost to complete a Sales Manager degree may vary from every school, depending on its location, state, residency of the student, on the degree level they are taking, whether online or on-campus, and on the additional costs on top of the tuition. One school in the US charges $620 per credit unit for its weekend format for the Master’s degrees and $709 per credit unit for online format. In the same school, the online format for the Certificate program for Sales Management is at $709 per credit hour.

What the continuing education requirements for Sales Manager

To be successful in your position you must pursue the sales manager continuing education. You can study and take exams to become a certified sales executive thru the programs offered online by the Sales and Marketing Executives International website. Sales manager certification and certificates are not required to become a sales manager, but it does increase your chances of landing the position.

What are the skills necessary to become a Sales Manager

Having the necessary sales manager education requirements gives you the edge over other candidates for the position. However, to be successful, you must have these sales manager qualifications:

  1. Must have passion for the job and integrity as a sales manager.
  2. Must have a positive attitude. He should be able to make his sales team smile and set the positive tone of the company.
  3. Must be able to motivate and coach the team, give time to the needs of the staff, delegate or ditch activities that does not affect lead generation or conversion.
  4. Must be a good leader by setting the example for productivity. This includes having a positive attitude, being out with his people on the sales floor, being accountable, being able to push the team out of their comfort zones.
  5. Must be able to listen well and communicate with their team. You have to be a good communicator to become a good motivator for your team.
  6. Must be open to continuous learning to be able to keep their skills up to date.

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