Degree in Restaurant & Catering Management

Restaurant & Catering Management Degree is a program which prepares individuals to supervise, plan and manage food and beverage. This is also to give knowledge in the operations of catering services. We can earn proper knowledge and know instructions regarding beverage industry, cost control and operation, restaurant and menu planning and other area that involves in culinary arts.

What are the jobs and responsibilities of Restaurant & Catering Manager?

Catering operations managers are the one involves in planning and overseeing of food and beverage of a catering company. If you are a catering manager, one of your duties is to cook and serves foods to the people to be catered. Because of their skills, they can also run their own catering business rather than to be employed in hotels, hospitals and restaurants.

How Long Does It Take to Get Restaurant & Catering Management Degree?

Culinary schools and colleges in cooking departments offer four-year degrees in Bachelor of Professional Studies culinary arts. For those who want to finish their study shortly, they can grant the associate degrees in cooking. There are also culinary institutes who still offer specialized degree programs for that chef’s who have a relevant experience without completing their postsecondary education. Taking up Associate degrees may be completed in two years.

How Much Can I Earn with Restaurant & Catering Management Degree?

According to survey, around 2.2 million of people are cooks and food preparers in the United States. Two-thirds are working in restaurants, bars, fast-food restaurants, and other dinning restaurants. One-fifth is being employed in some institutional facilities like in nursing homes and hospitals. Salaries vary independently with the position. For food and service managers, salary is $47,210. With the people in the higher position, they can earn $78,910 annually. While wage for chefs and cooks ranges to $44-$240, for top chefs, $69-$560. Restaurant cooks can earn $10.73 and for food preparer is $8.97.

What are the levels graduates Restaurant & Catering Management Degree?

Restaurant and Catering Management Programs
The primary goal of completing certificate program in Restaurant and Catering Management is to provide the students knowledge in business and leadership skills to be qualified in management position within the Food Industry. The program aims to teach students in business applications, mathematical problems along with human and behavioral science. Some of the 42-credit programs include food and beverage management, food production, catering operations, management accounting and behavioral or hospitality law.

Associate in Applied Science in Hospitality and Tourism, Restaurant Management
In this degree program, many of the core and introductory course of restaurant management certificate program are included. It is composed of 64 credit hours. This program will provide introduction of financial accounting to students. It also comprises hospitality and restaurant management. Before taking this program, students are required to complete first their 25 credits of their general education and 15 credits of their general core studies to get the associate’s degree.

What are the Best Colleges to Get a Restaurant & Catering Management Degree?

Below are the top ten most popular Colleges in Restaurant & Catering Management:

  • Orleans Technical Institute in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – The College offered Certificate Programs.
  • Columbia College in Sonora, California – The College offered Associate degree and Certificate Program in Culinary Arts and restaurant and catering Management.
  • Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Art – The College offered Certificate Programs, Bachelor Degree and Associate Degree. The related programs are Baking and Pastry Arts, Culinary Arts and Chef Training, Restaurant and Food services, Culinary Arts and Restaurant and Catering Management.
  • The Art Institute of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania – The College offered Certificate Program, Bachelor and Associate Degree. This involves Baking and Pastry Arts, Food preparation, professional Cooking and Kitchen Assistant.
  • Southeast Community College in Lincoln, Nebraska – The College offered Certificate Program and Associate Degree.
  • Santa Rosa Junior College in Santa Rosa, California – The College offered Certificate Program and Associate Degree. Also includes Foodservice Systems Administration/Management
  • Alaska Vocational Technical Center in Seward, Alaska – The College offered Certificate Program in Restaurant & Catering Management.
  • The Art Institute of California in Santa Monica, California – The College offered Program, Associates Degree and Bachelors Degree. They offered Culinary Arts, Baking and Pastry Arts, Restaurant and Food Services.
  • Fox Valley Technical College in Appleton, Wisconsin.
  • Johnson and Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island
  • Grand Rapids Community College in Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • JNA Institute of Culinary Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

What is the Average Cost of Restaurant & Catering Management Degree?

Tuition fee cost for Restaurant and Catering Management Degree vary widely. It will depend on the length of the program we are going to take and the type of school. For example, the Culinary Institute of America tuition fee cost is $9,100 every semester for junior to senior years. In Louisiana Culinary Institute offers $15,100 tuition fee cost for the entire program. We all know that this cost is somehow hard for us that is why Restaurant Financial Aid and Scholarship provides financial assistance.

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