Psychiatric Nurse

Psychiatric nurses handle patients who have been diagnosed with mental health problems and probably have very little idea of what they are doing. Their job would involve administering treatment of these patients, making sure that they are kept safe from themselves and from other patients, guiding them with their rehabilitation in the hopes that they improve and be able to function normally once again. Psychiatric nurses are often found working at mental health facilities but they can also work at private group practices, nursing care facilities, psychiatric outpatient clinics and of course, in hospitals as well.

Caring for mental health patients are a lot different from handling regular patients with diseases that do not affect the brain and its functions. Because of this, you cannot rely on regular nursing training alone to become an expert on how to handle psychiatric patients. You would need additional training and experience before you can become a psychiatric nurse. This would be on top of the psychiatric nurse education requirements, which is to become a registered nurse by completing an Associate’s degree, Bachelor’s degree or a diploma and obtaining your license to practice as a nurse. Depending on the route that you have chosen to take, you would have to study and train for about three to five years before you can obtain your psychiatric nurse degree.

What courses count towards psychiatric nurse education requirements?

The psychiatric nurse required education would involve taking up classes that would prepare you on how to understand how the human body works and what needs to be done to correct problems caused by various diseases. As a nurse, you will need to know the basics which will involve classes like anatomy, physiology, microbiology and the like. In addition to this, caring for patients is also a science which you will also have to learn about. Classes like health and wellness, science and technology of nursing, developmental nursing, etc will be needed for you to know how to properly care for your future patients. Once you have achieved your degree or diploma and have been certified as a registered nurse, you will still have to gain enough experience and focus more about psychiatric patients, their diseases and the best way to handle such cases.

What levels of degrees are available for psychiatric nurse?

The lowest degree that you will need to have in order to become a psychiatric nurse is an Associate’s degree. This would take around two to three years of studying after which you can already apply to become a registered nurse. You can also opt to undergo three years of studying after which you can obtain a diploma and also apply to become a registered nurse. Lastly, the most common route is to complete your Bachelor’s degree in nursing before you apply to become a registered nurse. Completing a Master’s degree is also another option that some people take. A Master’s degree in psychiatric nursing will be able to better prepare you for your job and you will be much more qualified compared to other nurses who have yet to specialize in the field of psychiatry. Once you have completed these psychiatric nurse requirements, you can then apply to become a certified psychiatric nurse so that you can practice full time in handling patients with mental health defects.

What are the financial requirements to become a psychiatric nurse?

To become a psychiatric nurse, you have many routed to choose from depending on whether or not you want to start working already, or if you have some financial constraints which would prevent you from completing a Bachelor’s degree at once. Obtaining a Bachelor’s degree would entail you to spend an average of $25,000 over four years of schooling in tuition fees alone. Aside from this, you will also have to spend on other expenses like laboratory fees, uniforms, books and supplies. Of these, you would have to worry the most about laboratory fees and books as these may cost over a few thousand dollars while the others will cost just a few hundred. This is probably the best way to obtain enough knowledge and prepare you for your job as a nurse in the future. But if you think that you will not be able to pay for your four years of education, you can also choose to take an Associate’s degree which will just last for two to three years. The tuition fee is much lower and you can already start working much sooner. This way, you can already start earning some money and can finish your Bachelor’s degree once you have been able to save up. Also, don’t forget that you will also be spending some money to obtain your certification both to become a registered nurse and once more when you become a psychiatric nurse.

What the continuing education requirements for a psychiatric nurse?

Psychiatric nurse continuing education is important as you will need to be kept updated on the newest developments on how to better care for your patients. Mental health illnesses are sometimes hard to predict and you will need to know how to handle the different reactions of different patients. New research would help you know how to handle patients and help with their treatment in order to increase the chances that they return to normal. You can also choose to take up classes that would award psychiatric nurse certification and certificates. These would not only improve your psychiatric nurse qualifications, but also improve the way of how you can give care to your patients and help with their rehabilitation.

What are the skills necessary to become a psychiatric nurse?

Skills that a psychiatric nurse would need is to know how to handle different kinds of patients with mental health problems. These patients would tend to be unpredictable so you have to be alert and ready at all times. You also need to be understanding of their disease as it is not their fault that they have this problem. Patience is also needed if you want to be able to stay and do your job well. Lastly, good communication with patients and their families is also important both for you and the improvement of the patient.

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