Massage Therapist

Massage therapists help people feel better by relieving their pain, alleviating their stress, and helping heal their injuries. Although these therapists give massages, they are better known as wellness professionals who provides the important part of the integrated holistic care program.

Massage Therapist Education Requirements

Massage therapist requirements can be earned hands-on. With several specialties in massage therapy you may have to know which one you want to concentrate on and work towards getting the appropriate training. There is sports massage, Swedish massage, clinical massage, Reiki and also animal massage. You can learn more than one massage style but it is best to start by visiting massage therapists and getting a massage yourself. By doing some research on the different types of massages you can learn a lot about massage therapy if you really want to become a massage therapist.

Find a school that gives a suitable training program that will fit the massage therapist educational requirements of your state or jurisdiction. There are 37 states in the US that impose massage licensing laws and other localities have licensing laws that only apply within the city. Some states set a legal minimum of 330 to 1,000 contact hours while the training programs can last between a few weeks to as much as 2 years. It will all depend on how the program is designed. Depending on how long you take the program and on which specialties you want to concentrate on, the training program must award you with either a certification in a particular specialty or one with a degree.

What courses count towards Massage Therapist

The focus of the coursework in getting a massage therapist degree are science courses like chemistry, anatomy and biology. Training which will be hands-on is essential in reinforcing the practice and theory for the potential graduates. Various massage techniques will also be taught during the training. These includes reflexology, acupuncture, shiatsu, and others.

What levels of degrees are available for Massage Therapist

The Massage therapist required education like the Associate degree in Applied Science in Massage Therapy can be acquired from your local community colleges. The 2 year program covers most of the mechanical and technical aspects of a massage therapy career. The basic knowledge you learned during high school is the solid foundation in a solid career in massage therapy.

You can also receive quality hands-on training from trade schools and vocational colleges. These programs may take 6 months to 1 year depending on the aspects covered by the program and the program itself. The Student is taught various massage techniques such as shiatsu, reflexology, acupuncture and others. The classroom training from the accredited schools should be no less than 500 hours.

Not all the jurisdictions may require a certification but being board certified will increase job opportunities for you. The National Certification Board of Massage Therapy offers the exam-based certification program that you may need when required in your state for licensing. Some states may have their own professional licensing exams and requirements. It is best to check with your state or county for the licensing and accreditation requirements.

The exams offered by Federation of Massage State Boards is necessary in obtaining a professional license which is recognized by most states and if necessary if you want to procure a business license from your municipality or state.

What are the financial requirements to become a Massage Therapist

There are a lot of massage schools that offers programs that can lead to massage therapist certification and certificates. Choose one that will satisfy the licensing requirements of your jurisdiction or one that offers accreditation. You can search the schools online or go to a massage training school. These schools can be expensive. The tuition cost can be from a few thousand to tens of thousands in dollars. You can apply for federal student loans or other kinds of financial assistance.

What the continuing education requirements for Massage Therapist

Massage therapist continuing education is important to maintain your certification with NCBTMB. This national governing body for massage therapy industry will require massage therapists to undertake 48 hours in CE courses every 4 years to maintain their national certification . In addition to the massage therapists requirements of NCBTMB, your state may even have their own licensure rules.

Usually, the continuing education is completed by passing a written exam and being proficient in one or more of 80 various types of massaging.

What are the skills necessary to become a Massage Therapist

The following massage therapist qualifications are needed to be successful in your career:

  1. Must be willing to help people by alleviating their pains by giving massages
  2. Must maintain a flexible schedule
  3. Must be concerned about other people and needs to be patient
  4. Must be comfortable around people. Massage therapy is inherently an intimate situation
  5. Maintain your positive energy levels
  6. You must develop an effective networking and marketing effort
  7. You must strive to give quality work with every client

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