Maryland Institute College of Art Degrees, Programs and Reviews

Established in 1826, Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) which is located in Baltimore, Maryland is the oldest degree-granting college of art in the country. It has long been the leader in educating artists and designers by developing a community of highly talented and creative individuals who are all dedicated in redefining boundaries of art and design in further expanding their vision and outlook by studying rigorously.

Through its innovative curriculum, fully-equipped campus, and top-notch faculty members, the college is ready and geared towards the attainment of its goal, which is to provide outstanding education, the right experiences, and needed resources that will best prepare the artists and designers who will lead in the 21st century. To further support its claim of being a world-class art school, some of the distinctions received by Maryland Institute College of Art include the following: no. 4 ranking out of 220 graduate programs in the visual arts as distinguished by the US News & World Report; top producer of Fulbright Scholars among specialty schools by The Chronicle of Higher Education; one of the two top studio arts program in the US by Parade Magazine; included in the list of 25 best US design schools by ID Magazine; Best Northeastern College for three consecutive years (2008, 2009, 2010) by the Princeton Review; and enrols the most number of Presidential Scholars in visual arts. Apart from all these recognitions, MICA is also known as one of the most important cultural resources for the Baltimore/Washington region as it sponsors numerous public and community-outreach programs, including over a hundred exhibitions by students, faculty, and world-renowned artists.

The school currently has a population of about 1,932 undergraduate and graduate students coming from 48 states in the US and 52 other countries all across the globe. They are enrolled in various program offerings that could lead to a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts, Master of Arts, Master of Fine Arts, and Master of Professional Studies degrees, as well as numerous credit and non-credit courses for adults, college-bound students, and children; not to mention post-baccalaureate certificate programs. For information on admission procedures simply visit


Degree in Graphics and Web Design

This degree is a program that incorporates technical and design training, more often with special attention given on technical classes or aspects. Those who earn a Degree in Graphics and Web Design can be employed as website designer, graphic artist, media integration specialist, web publication specialist, web producer, web developer, network consultant, and network analyst. As with other careers, the level of educational attainment will largely influence the options and opportunities available for one who finishes with this major. It takes about two to four years to get an undergraduate degree on Graphics and Web Design and about two to four years more to obtain a graduate degree.

Degree in Arts

The Degree in Arts is a program that focuses mainly on the artistic and creative sides of the students. At present, this program incorporates several aspects such as arts, technology, as well as business to better ensure that students are well prepared upon entering their industry of choice. Students taking this degree can enter specific artistic fields such as photography, graphic design, fashion, and media arts. A student can earn a bachelors degree on this major by attending fulltime classes for three to four years, depending on the requirements of the academic institution. After completion of this degree, graduates can work as art directors, craft artists, fine artists, multimedia artists, printmakers, and painting restorers, among others.

Contact Details

Maryland Institute College of Art

1300 W. Mount Royal Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland 21217

Phone  :           (400) 669 9200

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