Marketing Manager

Marketing managers are given the task of coordinating and organizing the marketing activities of a firm. One of the Marketing manager qualifications is taking the responsibility for conducting the market research and the design of the company’s marketing strategies. In most large firms, the marketing managers with their public relations, advertising, sales and promotions counterparts collaborate to come up with efficient product development strategies, promotion and advertising campaigns, pricing structures and sales programs.

Marketing Manager Education Requirements

To become a marketing manager in an organization, an individual is required to have the necessary marketing manager education requirements with at least the bachelor’s or a master’s degree in business administration with an emphasis or concentration in marketing subjects. To be able to get into a bachelor’s degree program, a student must at least have a high school GPA of around 3.5 to 3.6 and pass the ACT test for incoming freshmen. Additionally, aside from the mentioned degrees, a marketing manager will be more adept if they also took courses in finance, accounting, mathematics, business law, economics and management.

Getting some on the job experience will prove to be useful and advantageous if they acquired the internship with a related firm. Firms that are technically oriented may require their marketing managers to acquire a bachelor of science degree or a degree in engineering as an addition to completing a Master’s degree of business administration. In most firms, the most experienced staff who has the most background in the related tasks are usually those who will occupy the post of a marketing manager.

Therefore, individuals who started out as merely marketers, PR personnel, purchasing agents or advertising personnel and have gained the most experience usually end up becoming marketing managers. For purposes of their career advancement, one of the marketing manager requirements is to take up certification courses affirming their competence for the position. These marketing manager certification and certificates are acquired by attending management training courses and seminars.

What courses count towards Marketing Manager education requirements

The common courses taken in completing a Marketing Manager required education are courses in finance, principles of management, accounting, mathematics for finance and business, business law, business statistics, advertising principles, economics, and marketing research.

What levels of degrees are available for Marketing Manager

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing is a program which educates students in the fundamentals of advertising and business. The program gives the students an opportunity to learn the important elements involed in sales, markets and advertising with an emphasis placed in expressing the concise and clear marketing strategies for services and products. The common classes taken to complete the coursework are math for finance and business, principles of management, advertising principles, marketing research, business statistics, and business law. The program is taken for 4 years in an accredited college or university and teachs the students in applying the principles of marketing in the real world business situations. The students also learn how to analyze trends and consumer behavor in creating marketing campaigns.
  • A Master’s Degree in Business Administration Marketing is a 2 year program that prepares the graduates for the advanced positions for marketing managers. The graduates are given opportunities in learning the advanced theories and techniques in marketing strategy, marketing research and consumer behavior. The focus of the coursework is placed on global marketing and in the development of an understanding of their international consumers. The common classes taken to complete the coursework will include marketing research, buyer behavior and motivation, sales management, international marketing and advertising management.
  • A Doctorate of Business Administration degree helps professionals develop their skills and gain the hands-on learning experience that can help them position their advances into the leadership position as the executive or consultant of their company. It teaches them how to sharpen their leadership and decision making skills, broaden their knowledge of applied research and theory, and gain experiences they need in managing positive change within their organization. The specializations will focus on the latest theories, research and trends that influence business. The specializations of this degree are in entrepreneurship, global supply chain management, finance, information systems management, leadership, international business, marketing, social impact management, self-designed and technology entrepreneurship.
  • A Doctorate degree in Management is an interdisciplinary approach in studying management. The ACBSP accredited program allows professionals to conduct their self-directed and practical research on issues important for their career. Whether they are preparing for a career as a researcher, manager, scholar or consultant, the degree gives the needed credentials to achieve these goals. The specializations included in the General program are Accounting, Finance, Engineering Management, Human Resource Management, Knowledge Management, Information Systems Management, Leadership and Organizational Change, Operations Research, Learning Management and Self-Designed.

What are the financial requirements to become a Marketing Manager

The common costs in completing a Marketing Manager degree may vary depending on the school the student enrolls in, its location, the state where the student has chosen to study, the level of the degree and the additional costs on top of the tuition.

The top schools in the US that offer Marketing Management bachelor’s degrees are the following with their corresponding tuition costs: North Central College – $21,708; Pennsylvania State University – $9,822 (in-state costs) and $19,734 (out-of-state costs); and Santa Clara University-$$28,899.

In Must University, their Master’s degree in Marketing is offered at $12,000 a year while thier Doctorate’s degree is offered at $18,900 a year.

What the continuing education requirements for Marketing Manager

For career advancement purposes, marketing managers usually take marketing manager continuing education certification courses in order to affirm their competence because the job market competition is tough. The marketing managers can add to their list of competences by their participation in courses and seminars in management training that were organized by universities, larger firms and other reputable institutions that are in conjunction with professional societies. These courses will cover aspects that include product management, international marketing, data processing systems and management and others.

What are the skills necessary to become a Marketing Manager

Aside from completing the academic requirements, a successful Marketing Manager should have these qualities:

  1. Must have an imaginative mind and the initiative to do things.
  2. Must have stamina to remain focused and resolute in regular stressful and tiring job conditions.
  3. Must be self-motivated, adaptable, mature and resilient
  4. Must have good oral and written communication skills. They should be able to communicate effectively with top management, their fellow managers, the subordinates and with the general public. It is an advantage if they can also speak a foreign language or more.
  5. Must have good people skills and knows how to deal and maintain the pleasant and the productive personal relationships with their felow staff and with persons from other firms.
  6. Must have computer profeciency, competence in using word-processing and database applications. Computer skills are needed as basic requirements in Internet mareking, research and advertising.

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