Degree in Information Systems

The Bachelor in Information Systems or (Bachelor in IS) is a degree program that focuses on the relation of technology and people. The students are also being trained with the different skills needed in computer-based information systems jobs, which comprises of the user, technical, and customer support. Furthermore, the students can specialize in three areas of IS namely; Computer Information Systems (CIS), Management Information Systems (MIS), and Information Systems Security (ISS).

What Kind of Jobs Can I get with an Information Systems Degree?

The career opportunities for an Information Systems Degree include Database Administrator, Systems Administrator, Security Administrator, Applications Systems Analyst, Network Administrator, Computer Systems Administrator, and Computer Support Technician. Job opportunities available for an IS degree holder will depend on their educational attainment.

How Long Does It Take to Get an Information Systems Degree?

The undergraduate programs in Information Systems Degree can be attained within two to four years. An additional of two to four years is needed to finish graduate programs in this degree.

How Much Can I Earn with an Information Systems Degree?

The average salary of an Information Systems Degree Holder ranges from $35,000 to $90,000 per year. The salary will differ from company, job title or position, experience, and educational attainment. The higher your educational degree, the salary increases.

What Are Common Classes Involved in Earning an Information Systems Degree?

The common classes involved in earning an Information Systems degree are Systems Design and Analysis, Data Modeling, Networks, Programming, Project Management, and, depending on the program, special concentrations in internetworking, web, security, or other disciplines. Note that the coursework and classes will depend on the academic degree you are enrolling to.

What Levels of Degrees Can Be Gained with an Information Systems Degree?

All degree levels are available in an Information Systems Degree Program, which are Associate, Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate Degrees.

The Associate’s Degree level in Information Systems is a two-year degree program. Organization, communication, sorting, transmission, and storage of digital data are the focus of this degree program. These operations are relevant to a wide range of industries, which comprise of businesses, government organizations, non-profit entities and more.

The Bachelor’s Degree Level in Information Systems is a four-year degree program that is intended for students who want to combine technical and business skills. The said skills are required in analysing needs, designing and developing systems and software, configuring applications, installing and maintaining stand-alone and networked data systems. These skill are very much needed as the demand for these skills is increasing; thus, producing timely and accurate data and information is important.

The Master’s Degree in Information Systems enhances students to expose themselves in working with computers within a business environment. Also, it offers the skills needed by the employee to promote into management level in a corporate computer department. Aside from this, additional training is given for those students who have gained a lower degree in the computer field.

The Doctorate Degree in Information Systems are designed for those graduates who would like to pursue research or teaching at colleges or universities in this field. Other doctoral programs include Management Information Systems, Information Science and Technology and Information Systems Design and Evaluation.

What are the Best Colleges to Get an Information Systems Degree?

The best colleges to get an Information Systems Degree are the following universities — Syracuse University, University of Michigan–Ann Arbor, Drexel University, University of Washington, University of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign, University of Pittsburgh, University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill, Indiana University—Bloomington, Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey–New Brunswick, and University of Maryland–College Park.

What’s the Average Cost of an Information Systems Degree?

There is no fixed tuition of Information Systems Degree. The tuition fees cost differs from school to school. Factors such as the location of school, type of the school, and academic degree affects the tuition fee. Note that public universities are cheaper compared to private universities. There are certain universities that separate other costs such as textbooks and laboratory from tuition fees.

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