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Top 10 Best Schools For Industrial Engineering

Engineering is a field with a wide range of career possibilities. If you like designing and working with your hands, or just problem solving, you're likely to find engineering a great career. However, you still have to narrow that field down into a single viable option. One area that's well worth your consideration is the field of industrial engineering.

Now just like any kind of engineering, industrial engineering requires a thorough, in-depth education. You may already be looking at engineering schools, which means you know how many there are to choose from. That can make selecting the right school to seem impossible, but don't worry. We're not only going to explain industrial engineering and what it requires, but we will also show you the best choices of schools for this career.

With this post, we hope to help you find the right school for acquiring your engineering education.

Industrial Engineer Career Overview

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Now, before you look at schools, you should decide if this is the career for you. In the simplest terms, industrial engineering is all about efficiency. That means your job is making sure all the components of manufacturing are operating at peak efficiency. This involves everything from human resources to the supply chain and the assembly line.

Industrial engineers, as in many engineering fields, focus largely on problem-solving. This covers a wide range of production fields from prepping for growth to cost analysis, and even to workplace safety. The main goal of industrial engineering, regardless of the area, is to find the most efficient way to run the line.

As a result, industrial engineers are employed by both the government and private companies, with aerospace and parts manufacturing companies hiring the highest number of engineers.

Educational Requirements

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Now that you've seen just what industrial engineering is, you've probably assumed there's a healthy amount of education involved, and you'd be right. Industrial engineering requires a bachelor's degree in engineering, logistics, or business management. Many employers require a master's degree, especially for more advanced positions. Industrial engineers may also earn certificates in fields like health care and supply chain management through the Institute of Industrial Engineers.

There may also be state and local licensing to consider. Be sure to study up on what your state will require. Regardless of more local requirements, industrial engineers typically study physics, computers, chemistry, economics, and manufacturing, just to name a few areas. So be prepared to crack a lot of books!

All this education will help you hone the skills required for industrial engineering. You'll need strong analytic and creative thinking skills to be an effective decision-maker. Communication skills are also a vital tool for an industrial engineer. Remember, you will deal with a variety of professionals in your career, so it's important to communicate at every level.

Top 10 Best Schools for Industrial Engineering

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So you've seen the full range of what industrial engineering requires. The only question is where to go to get the best education possible? It's a very important decision that seems daunting, but don't worry. We've created a list of the ten best schools in the country to help you narrow down your choices and find the place that works best for you.

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Georgia Institute of Technology- Main Campus

Georgia Institute of Technology Main Campus

Georgia Institute of Technology is the absolute highest choice if you are interested in industrial engineering. There are over four hundred students enrolled, and industrial engineering is a popular major. The school's urban location means you can have a full college experience beyond just a strong education. Most importantly, graduates rarely have difficulty paying off any student loans.

The school also researches through the Georgia Tech Research Institute. This institution researches for both the government and industry across the state of Georgia. As a result, the school plays an essential role in the economic development strategy of the state. A solid school for a student looking to not only learn, but possibly gain some experience in growing and developing their skills.

University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

University of Michigan Ann Arbor building

Michigan University is another ideal choice for students looking for an industrial engineering degree. Industrial engineering graduates of Ann Arbor generally earn 1.8% more than other graduates with the same degree.  There are also more than two thousand undergraduate students. As a result, Ann Arbor falls among the prominent schools in the United States.

However, it should be noted that Ann Arbor only accepted twenty-nine percent of applicants in 2016. That means that one out of every four students was selected to attend. So if you are interested in attending, be sure to research just what it takes to get into this school. While it is not easy, the school's reputation and Ann Arbor's strong social community makes it well worth it to try.

Purdue University - Main Campus

Purdue University  Main Campus

Another strong Midwestern school for engineering students. Perdue combines aspects of both Georgia Institute and Ann Arbor. Industrial engineering graduates make more than others (1.3% to be exact), while the school offers a large urban center for students to have the full college experience. Cost is another big factor - more than half of Perdue's students gain financial assistance.

The school is located in West Lafayette, Indiana, where it sits as the main campus in the Perdue University system. The large campus offers more than two hundred areas of undergraduate study and renowned research initiatives available to the student body. Their School of Aeronautics has become known as the 'Cradle of Astronauts' due to the fact over 22 astronauts have graduated from the school. Their stellar record with aeronautics, a solid field for industrial engineers, make this ideal for students to look into.

Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech university campus

Every student looking for an industrial education degree should check this school out. The campus boasts over twenty thousand students, making it one of the largest schools in the country. Graduates tend to make ten percent more than other graduates. The school offers over seven research institutes and two university research centers.

Lehigh University

Lehigh University campus

Located in Bethlehem, Pennslyvania, Lehigh is one of the top industrial engineering schools in the country. The graduates here make over twenty percent more than graduates from other schools. The location offers a fast-paced lifestyle, and over eighty percent of the instructors work full-time hours. In other words, you'll always have help to work towards your degree.

Texas A&M University

Texas A&M University building

Texas A&M offers a variety of options for industrial engineering students. In addition to its strong bachelor's programs, the school also offers a masters program. Remember, employers will often require a master's degree, so if you think you'll need one, give this school a look. Its location also allows students to prosper in a city-based environment.

University of Wisconsin

University of Wisconsin building

This university is one of the largest and most respected schools in the nation. There are over one hundred and thirty undergraduate majors and 144 masters programs. The school has a high reputation for teaching high quality research skills, which are vital for engineering work. The campus is located near Madison Wisconsin, voted as one of the best places to live in the country.

University of Southern California

University of Southern California campus

Another school that all industrial engineers should look to for a degree. The University offers not only bachelors but also master's degrees in industrial engineering. More than half of all the students receive financial aid of some kind. However, we recommend an ACT prep course, as the usual score for the University of Southern California is thirty-two.

Northwestern University

Northwestern University campus

This university echoes many of the positive traits already mentioned for other universities on this list. They offer bachelor's and master's degrees, as well as one of the largest student bodies in the country. However, its strongest trait is the rate of student success after graduation. Not only do most students find work after graduation, but their students' score is also far below the national average.

Clemson University

Clemson University building

Another essential school for majors to check out, Clemson is one of the largest campuses in South Carolina. They offer graduate degrees. They also have a default rate of 3.0, well below the national average. Even better, more than seventy percent of students receive financial aid of some kind.


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Obviously, choosing a school for your degree is about much more than just the programs they offer. You want a school that reflects your values and that you will be comfortable at as you work to earn your degree. However, we believe our list will help you narrow down the many schools available for industrial engineering. Using our list, you will not only choose the school that's right for you; you'll pick from among the best.

Be sure to keep the requirements of industrial engineering in mind and know just what you want out of your career. Look into the schools we've listed and really get a sense of how you relate to them. Then, when you've examined everything as thoroughly as you will, make your choice of an efficient school. Think of it as your first step towards a long career in industrial engineering!

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