Human Resources Manager

A human resources manager will ensure that the labor laws, service conditions and wage agreements are being followed within any type of work organization. They represent the management of the organization, therefore play vital roles in the negotiations with the trade unions and with employee’s associations.

The work of a human resources manager may differ depending on the size and kind of organization they are working with. They are held responsible for tasks like the selection and recruitment of employees, renumeration, research, updates and development of training programs, staff utilization and administration, and organization development and planning.

Human Resources Manager Education Requirements

To earn your Human Resources Manager degree, you must first take the Associates Degree. The program teaches students the basics of employment and labor laws, dispute resolution, compensation and the common HR functions. This degree prepares student for entry level job positions upon its completion.

The next step is to take a Bachelor’s Degree. The course is offered in some schools as a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Resources or as Business Administration degree with concentration in Human Resources. The common curriculum in most schools are programs in personnel management or in labor relations. This prepares you for secure jobs in human resources. Some professionals work while they are taking their Bachelor’s degree. This degree provides them with the deeper skill level and knowledge in various areas like employment and labor laws, staffing and recruitment; employee development strategies and leadership; general HR practices and management; organizational change assistance; compensation, benefits and retirement; termination and disciplinary actions; sexual orientation, cross cultural and sex issues; compensation, bonuses and pensions; career development and confidential advice to the internal customers relation to work problems.

After its completion most graduates would want to pursue higher levels of education for the purpose of career enhancement. Getting a Human Resources Master’s degree provides you with knowledge and skills in a level worthy for high level management positions within the HR department. Graduates with a Master’s degree manage the team of professional HRs and assist the higher levels of the company in aligning their company initiatives with the human strategies. When a company undergoes major changes, the key players who manage employee reactions are the HR management team. The team ensures that job satisfaction and motivation remains the same. They also assist in making final decisions in hiring high level employees and manage teams.

One level further is taking your PHD in Human Resources. With a doctorate degree you can pursue the theoretical aspect of this field and acquire high positions with prominent organizations and businesses. You may teach in universities and colleges or work as consultants. Some focus in specific areas of knowledge like organizational and structural change, business culture formation, employee psychology and motivation, conflict resolution, and others.

The PHD degree levels being offered are: Phd – Doctor of Philosophy in BA with concentration in HR; Doctor of BA with concentration in HR; and Phd – Human Resources Management. These are human resources manager continuing education options that you may take if you want to achieve the pinnacles of your career.

What courses count towards human resources manager education requirements?

The common courses taken to complete a human resources manager required education are organizational behavior, selecting and interviewing employees, human relations, employment law, employment retention strategies and workforce development.

What Levels of Degrees Are Available for Human Resources Manager?

The following are the list of Human Resources manager certification and certificates:

PHR or Professional in Human Resources Certification is the most typical type of certification in the industry. It is designed for HR entry level professionals. To qualify for the exams, you must have any one of these human resources manager qualifications: 1 year of working experience as HR with a higher level of education and a masters degree; 2 years of work experience as HR with a bachelor’s degree; or with 4 years of HR work experience with an education that is less than a bachelor’s degree. The test focuses on human capital development, employee relations fundamentals, labor laws, strategic development and risk management.

SPHR or Senior Professional in Human Resources Certification is for the more experienced or senior level HR professionals. To be qualified you must have any one of these qualifications: 4 years of experience as HR with master’s degree or higher education; 5 years of experience as HR with bachelor’s degree; and 7 years experience as HR with less than a bachelor’s degree education.

GPHR or Global Professional in Human Resources Certification is for professional Hrs who cross the international lines for work and understand the profession in dealing with various countries and with national guidelines. The focus of the GPHR test is on the areas of organizational effectiveness, strategic HR management, global staffing, employee development, global compensation & benefits, international assignment management, international worker relations, regulations and laws. To be eligible, the candidate must be either of the following: has 2 years global work experience as HR with master’s degree or more; 3 years experience as HR with 2 out of the 3 years working in a global context, and with bachelor’s degree; or 4 years HR experience with 2 out of 4 years within global context and with an education less than bachelor’s degree.

What are the financial requirements to become a Human Resources Manager?

The financial costs to complete a degree to become a Human Resources Manager may range from $4,500 to $14,400, depending on the school, the location, on the degree level the student is taking and whether they choose a campus set-up or online study to take their degree.

What are the continuing education requirements for Human Resources Manager?

The professional certification, SPHR-CA and PHR-CA, are for those in working for California state. It is designed as a supplemental certification focusing on specific regulations and law that differs from the federal laws. To receive certification for this California specific designation, the candidate must pass the exams for General SPHR or PHR.

What are the skills necessary to become a Human Resources Manager?

The skills needed to become successful are the following human resources manager requirements:

  1. must have excellent communication skills
  2. must be able to work well in dealing with all sorts of people
  3. must enjoy taking the lead and taking the initiative
  4. must be diplomatic yet tolerant of the different views of people while being able to act firm and with conviction.

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