Degree in Human Resource Management

The Human Resource Management degree program concentrates on how HR (human resource) is connected to employee efficiency. In this course, you are able to develop skills in major aspects of the HR, such as recruitment and retention, organizational design, training and development, and performance management and assessment. You are also taught how to guide and counsel employees, do job evaluations create career development programs, and know how to manage a human resource department for almost any type of company.

What Kind of Jobs Can I get with a Human Resource Management Degree?

The job opportunities that are waiting for a Human Resource Management Degree Holder include director of personnel or industrial relations, director of human resources, employment and placement manager, recruiter, EEO officer, employer relations representative, compensation specialist, benefits specialist, job analysis specialist, occupational analyst, compensation manager, employee benefits manager/specialist, employee assistance plan manager, training and development manager/specialist, director of industrial relations, labor relations specialist, conciliator, mediator, arbitrator, international human resources manager, and human resources information system specialist.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Human Resource Management Degree?

Normally, Human Resource Management degree can be attained within two to four years. But to those who want to pursue a higher level of education in this degree, it can take additional two years or more. There are universities that offer four degree levels of Human Resource Management, while others offer a total of six.

How Much Can I Earn with a Human Resource Management Degree?

Since there are many career options for graduates of Human Resource Management degree, their salary varies from the job title and the company. But more or less, they earn at a range of $40,000 to $70,000 average yearly.

What Are Common Classes Involved in Earning a Human Resource Management Degree?

Coursework of the curriculum of Human Resource degree includes management principles, organizational structure, industrial psychology, public administration, computers and information systems, compensation, recruitment, and training and development. Subjects like behavioral sciences, psychology, sociology, political science, economics, or statistics are useful.

What Levels of Degrees Can Be Gained with a Human Resource Management Degree?

As mentioned earlier, universities offer four levels of academic program in Human Resource degree, while few of them has six (this includes undergraduate and graduate certificates) degree levels.

The Associate’s Degree concentrates on the undertakings and activities that inspire and alter in the organization. These activities are recruitment, selection, compensation, and evaluation. If you have an Associate degree, you are able to qualify for HR assistant position.

Bachelor’s Degree is a higher academic program. This is the usual entry-level requisite in human resources. In here, you will gain a better understanding of human resource function and outside influences on modern business such as economic, social, and legal issues. You can also acquire further insight of workforce planning and development, training, compensations and benefits, global human resource management, employee health and safety, and labor law.

The Undergraduate Certificate program allows the experienced professionals to improve their skills in theory and practical knowledge in human resource management.

The Master’s Degree program is an advanced degree level program. Students who want to study a specialized field should take this program. Persons who want to qualify in a top Human Resource Management Position should take a Master’s Degree.

The Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Management assesses essential principles of organizational behavior, the scope of human resource management issues, and basic legal frameworks involved in human resources. Though the certificates has only few credits and can be attained in few years than a degree, still it offers the principles of knowledge that is required to continue higher-level of certification. The certificate programs can be useful in master’s or doctorate programs.

In the Doctorate level or Ph. D, the concentration of the HR management is on the skills required to become a full business partner, to consult, write, or to teach. In some cases, this degree is required if you want to qualify for a teaching position in the university.

What are the Best Colleges to Get a Human Resource Management Degree?

The Top schools for Human Resource Management Degree include University of Phoenix, Brandman University, Capella University, Strayer University,Colorado Technical University (CTU), Virginia College, Walden University, and Ashford University.

What’s the Average Cost of a Human Resource Management Degree?

There is no fixed tuition and fees of Human Resource Management since the fees differ from school to school. There are also factors that need to be considered because they affect the fees of this degree. The cost may be around $30,000 -$ 50,000; there are instances where the fees stated excludes the cost of books and other tests. Also, the program level also affects the tuition fee. Thus, there are various scholarship grants and financial aid that students can avail and apply to.

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