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A high school teacher needs to earn a college degree, usually a Bachelor of Science in Education, from a college or university. There are plenty of high school teacher requirements that must be met before one gets a high school teacher certification and certificates. Read on for more information.

High School Teacher Education Requirements

On top of a high school teacher degree, a master’s degree is an added qualification for a high school teacher. Most colleges or universities require students to take first two years of general education courses before allowing admission in the teacher education program. The number of credit hours varies in different schools. As part of high school teacher qualifications, most schools require students to have a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.5 to 2.75 before admission to the teacher education program.

What courses count towards High School Teacher education requirements?

The first two years of the Bachelor of Science in Education degree require a student to take general education courses that include subjects in English, Mathematics, History, Psychology, the Biological and Physical Sciences, and Speech. The last two years will require the student to enroll in the upper-level subjects in the major field of study which the student will eventually like to teach. A student may major in History for which he needs to demonstrate competency in that subject area by passing the content mastery exam. However, it will be very important that the student will also have to study other major subject areas in order to diversify his academic background, such as taking courses in Philosophy or Psychology.

High school teacher required education courses, just like nearly all degree programs, allow students to take elective courses in addition to the major and minor courses. Elective courses are any subject that a student can take in addition to the major and minor courses simply because he has an interest in them, or in some cases because they are the subjects that will fit into the schedule. Elective courses can help broaden the foundation of the student and prepare him to teach later.

What are the financial requirements to become a High School Teacher?

The cost of attaining an education degree to become a high school teacher varies in different colleges or universities and also in the different States. The cost will add up if one will stay out of campus. The cost of a high school education degree in the U.S. could range from a low of $5,000.00 to a high of $30,000.00.

What are the continuing education requirements for High School Teacher

A graduate of high school education degree must get post-baccalaureate courses in order to earn a teaching credential. Part of the high school teacher continuing education will include a teacher training program that could run from one to two years because the academic preparation must be combined with a hands-on teaching experience in a middle school or high school classroom.

Individuals who wish to enter the teaching profession need to take the Praxis Series tests as part of the certification process that most states and professional licensing organizations require. The Praxis Series tests measure the knowledge and skills of a teacher candidate.

The tests for teacher licensing and certification include the following:

  • Praxis I Pre-Professional Skills Tests (PPST) – The tests measure basic reading, writing, and mathematics skills of the teacher candidate.
  • Praxis II Subject Assessments – The tests measure knowledge of subject-specific content, general sills, and subject-specific skills that are required to begin teaching.

Every state and professional licensing organizations has its own certification requirements and Praxis passing score.

The Department of Education in every state requires candidates for teaching in high school must pass a certification test in the field or subject they want to teach. Candidates for high school teaching positions must submit all the educational requirements for certification in order to get a teaching certification from the Board of Education of the state. Once the application is approved, a certificate will be issued to the applicant and he will be deemed certified by the state Board of Education.

What are the skills necessary to become a High School Teacher

To become a good and successful high school teacher, one must possess the following skills:

  • Passion to teach – This is the most important skill needed in the teaching profession. A high school teacher must know the subject really well and he must be able to show his students how passionate he is about the subject in order to inspire them to learn.
  • Good communication skills – A good high school teacher must be a good listener and a good speaker at the same time. He must be able to explain the subject while holding the attention of the students.
  • Patience – Dealing with young students for an extended period of time will require the teacher to be patient and calm.
  • Supportive – A good high school teacher must assure the students that he is there for them whenever they need him – to answer questions about the lessons and to support them in almost all issues affecting the classroom.

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