Health Sciences Financial Aid, Grants and Scholarships for School

A. Scholarships Available

The Association of Schools of Allied Health Professionals (ASAHP)

The scholarship awards of $1,000 is offered by the organization to exceptional students enrolled in any of the 117 member institutions of ASAHP taking a health-related degree program to assist them with their educational expenses. The main criteria for the award is academic merit. Significant financial need will not be a deciding factor. The students must apply by submitting their application that can be found in the together with their resume, a letter of nomination from an institution member of ASAHP, and a personal statement in one page that describes the unique contribution of the student to the health industry.

How to Apply

The following criteria should be met to make the student qualified to receive the ASAHP scholarship:

1. Candidates should be enrolled in the school or college which is an ASAHP institutional member

2. Candidates should successfully complete a minimum of 1 term (trimester,quarter,semester) with that institution

3. Candidates should be enrolled with any health discipline except that in the MOD-VOP group

4. Candidates should be enrolled in a degree-granting, career entry-level program. All degree levels are qualified (doctoral, masters, baccalaureate and associate).

5. Financial need will not be a criterion for the eligibility.

6. A combination of qualities is used to determine the winners; their unique accomplishments will be important considerations in selecting the winners. Among qualities that are recognized will be academic achievements, leadership, service to community and institution, evidence of their strong communication skills and extracurricular activities.

Program Requirements

The following is used in nominating candidates:
1 Each qualified institution can nominate 1 candidate for every round of the scholarship awards.

2 The complete nomination includes 4 copies each of the following:

a. Complete form of the ASAHP Scholarship Nomination
b. Letter endorsed by ASAHP Institutional Representative supporting nomination and describing the candidate’s qualities (see #6 for qualifications)
c. Current resume of nominee
d. A typewritten essay, 1 page, maximum 200 words from nominee addressing why they selected the health-related profession they are enrolled at and what are the unique contributions they intend to make for the community’s health.

3 The nomination packets containing the supporting information must be sent to ASAHP Executive Director, National Office by the ASAHP representative

Restrictions or Rules

The following dates shall be followed:
1. Winners of the ASAHP Scholarship shall be announced during the Annual Conference.

2. The nomination due date is MAY 15 of every competition year. If the date falls on a either Saturday or a Sunday, the deadline shall be the following Monday.

Selection Process:

The selection process for ASAHP Scholarship winners is as follows. Upon receiving the applications at the ASAHP offices, they will be sent to the select group members (exampe: Board of Directors members or past-presidents of ASAHP) who will determine which students are selected to receive the scholarships.

Notification of Winners:The winners names and the schools they are enrolled with shall be announced during the Annual Conference. Letters to the winners (suitable for framing) shall be sent under the signatures of the ASAHP’s President and Chairperson of the Scholarship Committee. It will be sent to the institutional representative who had submitted the nomination right after the conference. The check for the scholarship is included with the letter. The institutional representative will be responsible for ensuring the winning student will receive the check. Institutions are urged to utilize the award to publicly honor the student.

Publicity: Names of winners and schools shall be included in different Association publications. Institutions are urged to publicize the scholarship awards in any way that they will desire.

Contact Details

Association of Schools of Allied Health Professions,
4400 Jenifer Street, NW, Suite 333,
Washington, DC 20015
(202) 237-6481

B. Grants Available

Grace and Phil Edelman Scholarship

Alaska students who wish to take their major in health sciences or with a related field could apply for Grace and Phil Edelman Health Science Scholarship. Awardees of the scholarship will receive $5,000 and should maintain their GPA at 3.0 for the scholarship to be renewed every year. The applicants should submit their school transcripts, an essay that outlines their goals and interests in health science, and 2 recommendation forms.

How to Apply

The scholarship is given to students planning to pursue a Health Sciences degree. Every $5,000 scholarship award per year is evenly distributed for every term of the academic year.

1 Qualified recipients should show proof of 3.0 overall GPA or more from their previous academic program

2 Recipients should plan pursuing their career in the health science related field. The students will be required to retain full time enrollment that is defined as 12 semester hours for every term or its equivalent.

3 The recipients should maintain a 3.0 GPA or more every academic term to retain their eligibility for scholarship renewal.

Program Requirements

No information available.

Restrictions or Rules

No information available.

Contact Details

Bartlett Regional Hospital Foundation
3260 Hospital Dr.
Juneau, Alaska 99801

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