General Manager

General Managers or GM can be equated also to other formal titles as chief executive officer (CEO) or president, chief financial officer (CFO), chief operating officer (COO), or chief marketing officer (CMO) in any business/corporate world. In simple words, general managers are individuals dealing with the efficiently and effective execution in operating a business.

General managers are individuals responsible for handling every aspect of the business. In addition to that, the general managers are responsible for the efficient and effective planning, allotting, organizing, staffing, consolidating and decision making in order to attain the desirable profit that will make the results for an organization better and acceptable.

General Manager Education Requirements

To become a General Manager, education requirements will dictate the career path whether managing a sports team, a business, hospitality industry, a government agency, a company or in a corporate world. The profession of general manager is a broad one and students can concentrate in one or more specific field. There are industries-particular uses of general management. Hence, there are some dissimilar General manager requirements in these particular uses. Examples of these industries are hotel management, casino management and sports management. In order to effectively practice the management principles in these industries, students are expected to take the necessary core courses in related in these industries.

The General Manager qualifications for the undergraduate admission to any higher learning institutions offering this degree program require students to have completed their high school study. The associate degree can be accomplished in two years; it can be continued to bachelor’s degree for added two years. Straight bachelor’s degree can be accomplished in four years. The master’s degree can be accomplished in two or three years.

Certifications such as graduate certificates can be accomplished after a year or more. Admission to graduate study requires minimum GPA and cumulative GRE score. Contact your selected schools to know the detailed admission requirements for graduate studies.

What courses count towards General manager education requirements?

General manager required education include taking the following core courses, elective and general education: English, liberal arts, humanities, social science, mathematics, economics, management, business administration, marketing, sales, consumer products and general management principles.

What levels of degrees are available for General manager?

There different degree levels conferred by most colleges/universities offering the general management degree. These degree are associate degree, bachelor, master, graduate certificate and PhD. Below are some examples of major and minor concentrations that students will have to take as part of their specialization:

  • First Major: business management
  • Second Major: casino management
  • First Minor: sports management
  • Second Minor: Hotel management

What are the financial requirements to become a General manager?

The estimated tuition fees in the General manager degree program are around $8,910 to $52,120. Examples of colleges/universities offering this degree are University of Phoenix – online campus, UC – San Diego, University of Mary, National-Louis University, University of Arkansas Main Campus and Western Michigan. There are some factors affecting the costing of the tuition fees such as the location and type of the school offering the degree and the degree levels taken by the student.

What the continuing education requirements for General Manager?

Success in the field of general management entails obtaining several years of working experience in this field, engaging to General Manager continuing education, trainings and so on. Many general managers are taking continuing education in order to advance their managerial skills and knowledge. Receiving graduate degrees, participation to on-the-job training experience, certifications are some examples of continuing education. Advancement can also be achieved via informal training under the guidance of an experienced general manager.

General Manager Certification and certificates do act as tools for professional practice improvement. Certifications can be acquired through internships and graduate certificates.

What are the skills necessary to become a General Manager?

Skills and abilities must be integrated with the management knowledge acquired in the college/universities. Individual wanting to pursue a career in general management must have some of the skills and abilities listed below:

  1. Ability to give instruction clearly
  2. Time management
  3. Instructing skills
  4. Can recognize problems before it happens
  5. Financial management skills
  6. Management of personnel resources
  7. Speech recognition
  8. Critical-thinking skills
  9. Active listening
  10. Judgment/decision making capabilities
  11. Can monitor everything efficiently and effectively
  12. Cooperative
  13. Reading and writing comprehension
  14. Communication skills
  15. Mathematical and analytical skills

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