Five Schools That Offer the Best Online College Degrees

When it comes to online college degrees there are some colleges that reign above the rest. The following info provides a list of the 5 schools that offer the best online college degrees.

1. Penn State

There have been many lists compiled for online college degrees, but Pennsylvania State University appears to rise to the top regardless of the magazine or website that is publishing this list. Much of this has to do with the variety of degrees offered.

The professors that teach the online classes are the same administrative staff members that teach on campus. From this aspect many students feel like they are getting the same quality education that is presented to other students that are sitting in the classrooms.

2. UMass Online

The University of Massachusetts has become of the most valuable online degree granting programs for people that choose to bypass the traditional college route. There are more than 100 degrees offered here so potential students are bound to find something that they enjoy. This online program also thrives by having the faculty for online programs that are found in the classrooms.

These programs, in comparison to many other well-known colleges and universities, have some of the most affordable rates. This is something else that has allowed this program to thrive.

3. Daytona State College

People that may need a college that caters to working students will enjoy what Daytona State College has to offer. This is a school that has lectures that are archived in many of the courses that are offered. This is ideal for a student that may not be able to view a live session for a course due to a conflicting work schedule.

The maximum class size is 20 students for this college program. The smaller class of students will give the students more time to consult with professors because these instructors have fewer student than many other online programs.

4. Western Kentucky

The students that take classes by way of Western Kentucky University online have access to the online library resources, IT support and career services. This program is regionally accredited with tons of archived material that increases the level of flexibility that students have. The online degree program has staff members with over 20 years of online course experience.

5. Florida State University Online

Another school that has been deemed affordable is Florida State University Online. This is a online program that has managed to grant many students degrees in the areas of engineering, management, law and political science. The program has received good reviews from students that engage in these courses of study. That is why it has continued to remain among the top 5 in online programs.

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