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The elementary teachers are the individuals accountable for giving formal education to students in the elementary schools. They can impart knowledge to a particular elementary subject or some subjects. The Elementary teachers mostly give emphasis in dealing with the course of study, develop his/her lesson plans to track and the addition of some practical teaching skills. An Elementary teacher may use a uniform curriculum that is set by the pertinent authority. The Elementary teacher can also intermingle with students having different abilities and learning aside from the elementary school students.

Elementary Teacher Education Requirements

To become a Elementary teacher, education requirements will be the determining factor in their teaching career. They can get the career of teaching in elementary schools over gaining detailed professional qualifications/credentials from the college/university posing this degree.

The Elementary teacher requirements are set forth by the State and the Board of Education. Students wanting to pursue a career in elementary school teaching must contact the State Board of Education in order to determine the eligibility criteria and qualifications. For an instance, public school Elementary teacher requires the completion of undergraduate degree and obtaining certification from their respective State as the main criteria. Some of the states do require taking licensure exams after the completion of the undergraduate degree in order to practice the teaching profession.

Certification is renewable and it can last three years as the average. Some can be given 10 years certification to practice the teaching profession. Continuing professional development is compulsory to renew the certification. Full-time and part-time/substitute elementary school teacher have dissimilar requirements as well.

The Elementary teacher qualifications for the undergraduate admission involve the completion of high school study. Future college students must inquire with their chosen college/university about the admission criteria because there are no standardize admission eligibility aside from high schools graduate. Some college/university requires minimum GPA, some do not. The bachelor’s degree can be completed in four years.

The admission to graduate studies requires minimum GPA and cumulative GRE score. Contact your selected college/university to know the detailed admission requirements, especially for the GPA (usually it is 3.0) and GRE score (usually minimum 1000 cumulative points). The master’s degree can be accomplished in three to four years beyond the bachelor’s degree, whilst the PhD can be completed in four to five years. Graduate studies can also be taken online by some higher learning institutions. Receiving any graduate degrees enable professionals to practice leadership roles in teaching such as being a principal.

What courses count towards Elementary teacher education requirements?

Elementary teacher required education is comprised of studying and completing the core courses, elective and general education. These subjects or courses are: liberal arts, English, mathematics, basic sciences, social science, humanities, pedagogy, elementary school education, science of teaching or pedagogy, teaching laws and regulation, ethical and professional issues, teaching strategies, communication and many more.

What levels of degrees are available for Elementary teacher?

There various degree levels awarded by most colleges/universities offering the elementary teaching degree. These degree levels are the bachelor, master, graduate certificate and PhD degrees. Below are some examples of major and minor concentrations that students will take as part of their specialization:

  • First Major: elementary science education
  • Second Major: elementary mathematics education
  • First Minor: Arts teaching
  • Second Minor: Music teaching

What are the financial requirements to become a Elementary teacher?

The approximate on-campus/tuition fees in the Elementary teacher degree program are around $3,408 to $50,740. Here are some examples of higher learning institutions offering the elementary school teaching program: California State University in Fullerton, Bakersfield, Los Angeles and Fresno campuses, University of Phoenix – online campus, CUNY Brooklyn College, San Diego State University, Miami University – Oxford and Central Michigan University. There are factors affecting the wide range of tuition fees costing such as the location and type of the college/university and the degree level taken by the students.

What the continuing education requirements for Elementary teacher?

Teaching is a profession that undergoes improvement, development and growth. In order to maintain the competitiveness and knowledge of every teacher, they are encouraged to actively participate to any continuing professional development. Examples of these developments are through engaging in any Elementary teacher continuing education.

The continuing education for elementary school teachers can come in various forms; these are taking and completing any graduate degrees (either a master or doctoral degree or both), graduate certifications/trainings, internship or on-the-job training experiences, and actively participating to any elementary school teachers’ conferences and seminars.

Elementary teacher certification and certificates are a good way of showing competitiveness and willing to undergo further improvement. Many views certification as part of the many tools for career advancement as well as enhancement. Teaching certifications are generally awarded by higher learning institutes offering internships/on the job trainings and graduate certificates. Teachers can also partake in any certification programs that are sponsored by organization and association that advocates teachers’ growth.

The State is also offering their very own certification programs that permit elementary school teachers to practice the teaching profession; for more details about the certification by the state, contact your State and know the eligibility criteria.

Accrediting of teacher education programs for advancement is set by some regulating bodies such as State Education Agency and State Board of Education.

What are the skills necessary to become a Elementary teacher?

Teaching the students of an elementary school is a noble profession that comprise of using lots of skills and abilities. This is aside, of course, from the essential knowledge obtained in the college/university. Being a successful Elementary teacher needs to acquire some of the practical skills and abilities that are listed below:

  1. Ability to give instruction that will be comprehensible to students
  2. Time management skills
  3. Speech recognition
  4. Reading and writing comprehension
  5. Communication skills
  6. Rational skills
  7. Can speak clearly
  8. Can identify problems before it can happen
  9. Have diverse learning strategies
  10. Active listener
  11. Can speak loud and clear
  12. Hard working
  13. Good presenter
  14. Role models
  15. Disciplined

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