Degree in Digital Media Design

A Degree in Digital Media Design is a program that is designed for students interested in computer graphics, games, animation and the design of interactive technologies and virtual reality environments. It is a combination of interdisciplinary majors in the schools of Applied Science and Engineering. The combination of major coursework in computer graphics and communication courses makes a student eligible for a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering and Science. This program prepares students to understand and apply the theoretical, aesthetic, experiential and aesthetic principles that are associated with digital media design. It is a program designed to educate students who are visual problem solvers and creative innovators in areas of practice and theory with the integration of cutting-edge technologies and traditional design techniques. After receiving a solid foundation in art history, basic design and liberal arts in their first year, students may choose from a wide range of subjects in their subsequent years which will include courses in graphic design, digital still imaging, computer programming, human-computer interaction, film and video. Concurrently, the professional studio workshops in animation, 3D modeling, visual effects and multimedia interactivity will provide practical application and hands-on instruction of these concepts.

What Kind of Jobs Can I Get with a Digital Media Design Degree?

An individual with a Degree in Digital Media Design can find job opportunities with various careers in leadership capacities working as the following: special effects technician, animator, digital media consultant, television media specialist and creative director.

How Long Does It Take To Get a Digital Media Design Degree?

To acquire a Bachelor’s degree in Digital Media Design, the student must complete a full-term 4 year collegiate study with an accredited university or college. If a student wants further studies to attain special skills in digital media, he must attend another 2 years of graduate study to obtain a Masters degree and a certificate program.

How Much Can I Earn with a Digital Media Design Degree?

The average annual salary of jobs related to this field of degree may vary depending on their experience, location and over all size of the company. An entry-level employee working in a small company may earn $40,000 yearly while a more experienced employee may earn up to $65,000 in a big company.

What Are Common Classes Involved in Earning a Digital Media Design degree?

The common classes taken to acquire a degree in Digital Media Design are mathematics, natural sciences, computer science and engineering, communications and fine arts, social sciences and humanities.

What Levels of Degree can be gained with a Digital Media Design Degree?

A Bachelor of Science in Engineering with a concentration on Digital Media Design is a program which prepares a student for a strong foundation in 3 areas. These areas are: (1) the computational basis for the creation of digital media imagery which includes 3D environment simulation; (2) an informed understanding of digital media design and its aesthetic aspects; (3) research and theory concerning the viewer’s psychological responses to and the use of visual media and broader sociocultural effects. Students with this program will be expected to participate in one or 2 summers of real life experience in the industry of major multimedia.

A Master’s Degree program takes two years to accomplish. In the first year, the student participates in core classes, learning the theories and challenges behind the creation of digital media. The second year focuses on using current software and technology in creating solutions to these problems. The students participate in the creation of new applications, processes and methods in handling specific problems. The program will require one or more technical proficiencies such as programming or software. Programs may require from students previous computer programming competency or coursework before they are considered for admission. The degree program culminates in a final project where the student should apply the practical and technological skills they have learned. It make be in the form of a website, video, written document or an original software application.

A Certificate in Digital Media Design for Learning is a program created for individuals who hold a Master’s Degree and are pursuing a career that requires advanced and new skills in design and production, use and evaluation of instructional resources for various technologies like computer-based multimedia, television and network telecommunications. The students are taught to learn the use of cognitive science and constructive views of instruction and learning to guide this work which relates to several content areas, the types of learners and the settings in which technology and media are used for the purpose of education. Certificate students have a deeper interest in practicing and applying theories into practice than research activities and issues that Doctorate students are interested in. These students can assume positions as instructional writers, educational media producers, designers, and trainers in various types of organizations, educational technology administrators and K-12 schools and higher education coordinators.

What Are the Best Colleges To Get a Digital Media Design Degree?

The best colleges to acquire a Degree in Digital Media Design are the following: University of Pennsylvania, The Art Institute, American Intercontinental University, Kaplan University, Westwood College Online, University of Washington, Northwestern University, Saginaw Valley State University, DePaul University, Drexel University, and University of Arizona.

What is the Average Cost of a Digital Media Design Degree?

The average tuition cost for a Degree in Digital Media Design is $77,500.

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