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Discovering, preserving, and disseminating knowledge; producing creative work; and promoting a culture of broad inquiry throughout and beyond the Cornell community – these three are the main goals of Cornell University. The university intends to improve the lives and livelihoods of its students, the citizens of New York, and others as well through public service.

The result of the New York Senate bill was the establishment of Cornell University in April 27, 1865. The same bill also made the university as a state’s land grant institution. Senator Ezra Cornell presented his property in Ithaca, New York as the location of the school and he also made aprimarydonation amounting to $500,000 from his own pocket. Andrew Dickson White, comrade of Cornell and an experienced educator became the university’s first president. White supervised the construction of the school’s first two building in 1868 and he spent time travelling around the world to invite students and faculty. October 7, 1868, the university was inducted with 412 men enrolled. The school formally opened classes on October 4, 1898 in the Loomis Laboratory facilities as the classrooms.

Cornell became a scientific innovator since the researches that it has made was applied to the campus and to outreach efforts. The university’s work includes the usage of electricity to light the ground from a water-powered dynamo (1883). The colleges that Cornell has established are state-funded as well as the research and extension that is managed by the university may be both financed using the funds of the state and federal. Cornell is included in the first universities to have alumni-elected representative on its Board of Trustees.

The university constantly expanded especially during the World War II. Student and faculty population were increasing; thus, the college offered wide-ranging course programs. Late 1960s, student activism erupted as African-American students rallied over assumed racism. The said incident caused the university’s President James A. Perkins to resign and it also resulted to the reorganization of the university’s governance.

Since 2000, Cornell University strengthens its international programs. Four years later, Cornell University has inaugurated the Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar. The said college is the first American medical school outside US. It continues to establish its relationship to its major international partner schools in India, Singapore, and the People’s Republic of China. With the reputation of Cornell in internationally, they are said to be “the first transnational university.” it was Cornell and Stanford placed a foundation for a new Bridging the Rift Center located on the Israel–Jordan border in March 9, 2004.

Today, the student population of Cornell University is estimated to be 20,700 and has achieved 92% overall graduation rate.

Cornell UniversityCredentials

Cornell University is an institution of higher learning recognized by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education since 1921. Cornell was reaccredited recently, which is recognized by the national government as well as the Council for Higher Education Accreditation.

How to Get Into Cornell University

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Cornell UniversitySpecializations

Degree in Environmental Science

This degree allows students to explore and develop the relationship of environmental law and diverse environmental systems. Environmental Science is composed of various studies, but each are thoroughly discoursed, making this degree a preferable choice to students who would want a career in science, but do not have or have not figured out yet a particular field in science to concentrate.

Because of the versatility of this degree, there are various opportunities can be found in different industries and fields. Positions in corporate management, green investment planning, environmental planning, wildlife biology and environmental education are some of the preferable career of a degree holder in Environmental Science.

With wide-ranging job opportunities, the salary of an Environmental Science graduate differs depending on the company, job title, experience, and degree attained. As an environmental scientist, one can earn an average of $61,100 yearly. The salary is assumed to increase by 25% within 10 years.

Attaining an Associate degree in Environmental Science may take one or two years and Bachelor would require four years. Taking up a Master’s degree to further your learning would take an additional of two years.

Degree in Psychology

Studying the minds of man and animal as well as its behavior and emotional development is the concentration of Psychology. With this degree, students are being equipped with different abilities and talents that allow them to use in other careers which are not associated directly to Psychology. Further study may be pursued by a Psychology degree in fields of Medicine, Guidance and Counseling, Human Resource Development and Law.

The following are the career opportunities that a Psychology graduate may opt:

  • counselor
  • social worker
  • licensed psychologistassistant
  • program coordinator
  • market researcher
  • licensed psychologist

The annual earnings of a Psychology graduate range from $31,000 to $40,000; but this depend on the position acquired, employer, experience, and education attained.

Undergraduate programs for Psychology degree takes two to four years while graduate programs will need and additional of two to four years. For those who would further their study in Medicine, another four years and two years residency is needed.

Degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management

Hotel and Restaurant Management concentrates on the hospitality, customer corporate, integrated with management skills. The creativity and attention to details are needed to be successful in this field.

Being an owner of a restaurant, bar, or café or a manager in hotel, resort, food service industry, tour and travel industry is a common options for HRM graduates. They can also become a tour director that will take care of the transportation, lodging, and meals of the tourists. Other career opportunities include concierge, operations manager, and writer as food critic.

Being a Food Chain Manager earns a$29,422 to $45,536 while Head Chef’s starting salary ranges $60,000 to $150,000; but a higher pay is given if you apply as a Private Chef.  Salary depends on the position and the company you are working for.

Hotel and Restaurant Management degree would take less than a year, if you are enrolled to certification programs. The Associate degree takes two years and a Bachelor takes four years.

Degree in Chemistry

The degree in Chemistry concentrates on matter and the changes it undertakes. Chemistry and Physics have similar scope, but Chemistry focuses more on the composition, properties of matter, and the chemical changes that it undergoes.

Chemistry graduates usually work as research and development, production and quality control, environmental chemists, teaching, Assistant chemist, and Biochemist. They can earn on average $40,000 to $85,000 annually. The job opportunities and salary is based on the company, educational attainment, and experience.

Earning a degree in Chemistry may be attained for eight years or less since the period of the degree will depend on the program you are enrolled to. For undergraduate programs like the Associate and Bachelor, they can be attained for two to four years while graduate programs, such as the Master and Doctorate, another two to four years are required to finish the degree.

Degree in Animal Science

The degree equips students with principles and knowledge needed in animal processing, livestock production, and animals that are used for recreation and companionship. A student should have solid foundation in the areas of biology, genetics, animal physiology and nutrition.

Several job opportunities for graduate include animal technicians, farm managers, livestock specialists, zookeepers,or animal breeders. They can also opt to establish their own farm or work on other people’s farm. They can also obtain positions in animal pharmaceutical or feed sales, diary or meat processing, kennel and animal training management. Through further study, graduate of Animal Science can become a veterinarian or become educators of animal science and research.

According to BLS, there would be increased growth of career opportunities to 2018. The career is marketable in different fields. The earnings can average from $59,000 to $108,000. A position in the government sector is paid even higher.

A degree in Animal Science requires full-time four year course in an accredited university or college. The Master’s Degree would need an additional 2 years and the Doctorate is accomplished within 5 to 6 more years.

Other Courses/Degrees Offered at Cornell University

Cornell University offers various academic programs. They are also providing distance-learning or an individual can pursue a program online. You can visit the link provided.

Contact Cornell University

Cornell University

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Phone: (607) 255-2000

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