Degree in Computer Science

Bachelor in Computer Science is a degree program that studies computer hardware and software processes. Graduates of this degree may make and/or improve current software or hardware, do research, design operating systems, or perform other tasks that would be useful in the field of information and technology.

What Kind of Jobs Can I get with a Computer Science Degree?

Career options for a Computer Science Degree Holder include Computer and information scientists, Database administrators, Network Systems and Data Communications Analysts, and Computer Specialists.

Computer Science degree holder can also qualify as Web developer, Web designer, telecommunications specialist, network architect, and Web administrator. However, there are few universities that do not include multimedia and networking to the curriculum of Computer Science; instead they are on the IT curricula.

How Long Does it Take to Get a Computer Science Degree?

The Computer Science degree program can be attainable within two to four years (for undergraduate programs). It takes another two to four years to finish a graduate program in computer Science.

How Much Can I Earn with a Computer Science Degree?

A Computer Science Degree Holder can earn an average salary of $50,000 to $100,000 yearly. The salary of a degree holder differs from company to company, job position and/or title, experience, and educational attainment.

What Are Common Classes Involved in Earning a Computer Science Degree?

To achieve a Computer Science degree, the student must take the following classes —Problem solving and programming, Simulation, Assembly language programming, Software engineering, Computational theories, Analytical geometry, Networking, Programming with Java, Database management systems, Data structures, Calculus, Physics, Statistics, Linear algebra, Visual basic, Visual C++. These subjects or classes may not be available in all universities.

What Levels of Degrees Can Be Gained with a Computer Science Degree?

The degree levels you can gain in a Computer Science Degree are Associate, Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate Degrees.

The Associate’s degree program can be completed within two years. Students are being prepared for entry-level positions in the field of computer programming, web development, or other IT related fields. Subjects like programming, computer systems, and mathematics are being taught.

The Bachelor’s degree program in Computer Science is a four year degree program. Classes such as mathematics, science, engineering, and humanities are being taught to student; these classes allow them to become versatile professionals when in software engineering, computer science research or database administration.

The Master’s degree program in Computer Science is concentrated in high-level of research and development positions in software development or computer systems field. Compared to the Bachelor’s degree, the Master’s degree program is CS is more intensive as the subjects include artificial intelligence, bioinformatics and algorithm design. To gain a master’s degree, students must make and complete a final thesis projects.

The Doctorate (Doctoral or Ph.D) degree is the highest level of academic program in Computer Science. In this degree, students should take the required courses, pass the comprehensive examinations, and complete the dissertation. Unlike the Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree, the Doctorate degree students are expected to allocate most of their time in original research, teaching assistantships, and final thesis projects.

What are the Best Colleges to Get a Computer Science Degree?

The best colleges to get a Software Engineering degree include — Carnegie Mellon University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University, University of California—Berkeley, Cornell University, University of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign, University of Washington, Princeton University, University of Texas—Austin, and Georgia Institute of Technology.

What’s the Average Cost of a Computer Science Degree?

The average cost of a Computer Science ranges from $5,000 to $30,000 per year. However, other universities exclude other costs such as textbooks and laboratory works from tuition fees. In addition, tuition fees will depend on the location of the school, type of the school, and academic program you are enrolling.

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