Degree in Communication Studies

A Communication Studies degree is designed for students who have an interest in advancing in the field of business or communication. The coursework of this program is designed to enhance the written and oral communication skills of the student. It also teaches the student how to understand the importance of communication on all aspects of administration, business and management.

The courses within the program includes: specific training in conflict management and negotiation; interpersonal skill development and effective communication; multicultural diversity in communication styles; global and international impact of various forms and type of communication; and information gathering and research related to styles and forms of communication. The theoretical aspects of the coursework allow the student to understand the reason behind various communication styles and how to apply these to real world situations through projects and assignments. Students are encouraged to understand and learn how the impact of technology on communication can be utilized in enhancing communication in international markets and global economies.

What Kind of Jobs Can I Get with Communication Studies Degree?

Graduates with a Communication Studies degree can find job positions as public relations employees or officers, professional trainers, mid and entry level managers, writers, marketing and advertising professionals, speechwriters, lobbyists and presenters.

How Long Does It Take To Get a Communication Studies Degree?

To acquire a Communication Studies Degree a student must attend a full time 120 semester hours of collegiate study in an accredited university or college. This course can also be taken online.

How Much Can I Earn with a Communication Studies Degree?

With this degree a graduate can also pursue careers in a diverse number of fields like business, education, sales, public relations and advertising. Graduates can chose to become counselors or advisors in a school setting while others will pursue Graduate school to become lawyers. The average annual salaries of an individual with this degree may vary according to the field he is employed with, the location and the overall capacity of the company. The median yearly salaries of related jobs are: media and communication workers, all other -$50,551; media and communication equipment workers, all other -$48,381; recreation and fitness studies teachers, postsecondary – $47,823; area, ethnic and cultural studies teachers, postsecondary – $75,140.

What Are Common Classes Involved in Earning a Communication Studies Degree?

The common classes taken to complete this degree are: Debate and Argumentation; Humanities; Interpersonal Communication; Mathematics; Natural Sciences; Public Speaking; Social/Behavioral Sciences; Speech Communication; Theories of Communication; Voice, Diction and Articulation; and Written Communication.

What Levels of Degree can be gained with a Communication Studies Degree?

An Associate of Arts-Communication program teaches a student on how to build effective communication skills for a career in business, print media or broadcasting. The coursework educates the student on a wide range of topics, reinforcing and expanding their ability to communicate in large-scale and one-on-one public settings, problem solving and in managing vast amounts of information.

A degree in Bachelor of Science-Communication Studies teaches a student the various communication theories explaining how people understand, listen and think. The program focuses on semantics, group dynamics and nonverbal communication. This degree prepares a student for a job positions in sales, marketing, public relations, and advertising in both public and corporate sectors. The program helps a student jumpstart their careers in broadcast journalism, public relations and advertising, professional writing and journalism in both television and radio.

A Master of Arts Communication Leadership degree is a program that prepares a student in becoming ethical, humane leaders with efficient and improved conflict resolution, negotiation and communication skills. The program is focused on communication management within and between organizations. The coursework of the program includes: Servant leadership; Leadership and Diversity; Organizational Leadership; and Organizational Ethics. To keep students on the cutting edge they are also taught effective communication, communication theories, research strategies and interpersonal communication concepts and skills as well as conflict and negotiation is studied along with the course.

Graduates who achieve their Masters degree are accepted into positions as interdepartmental communication and relations director, communications and relations directors or as marketing managers. Students who are aiming for a career in consulting, public relations, management, corporate communication, human resources and other related fields will benefit from this program.

What Are the Best Colleges To Get a Communication Studies Degree?

The best colleges to acquire a Communication Studies degree are the following: Kaplan University, University of Phoenix, Walden University, Grand Canyon University, Ashford University, DeVry University, Jones International University, American Intercontinental University, Full Sail University and University of Arizona.

What is the Average Cost of a Communication Studies Degree?

The average tuition cost of a Communication Studies Degree may vary depending on the location, the school, the method of study chosen by the student and with the additional costs on top of the tuition. One school offers this program with a tuition rate of $372 per credit hour at 120 credit units. There are financial aid packages and tuition assistance for students specially those who are military members.

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