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The main pursuit of College America is to equip students with knowledge and skills that is applicable to real-world for them to establish a profession in the modern marketplace. The college makes effort to guarantee students’ success in career training programs; with their success, the students would be able to end up in an entry or mid-level of employment or improvement in their present profession. The college attains this pursuit by helping students in the practical challenges that they come across in the workplace and offering them with degree programs that can help them understand their field better; thus, they can achieve a fulfilling career.

College America was part of the Control Data Corporation in the mid-1960s. The corporation established a school that would train employees in the computer field; the school was known as Control Data Institute. They offered programs in computer maintenance and repair and in computer programming. Eventually, the computer industry grew and more courses emphasizing computer applications were offered. Soon, the school opened to educate nonemployees who want to be trained in computer applications.

The Control Data Institute was acquired in 1989 by Human Capital Corporation, which changed the name to Career Development Institute (CDI). The new owners were former employees of Control Data; they updated and improved the curriculum of the school. In 1993, College America procured the Denver school and made an engagement to continue to provide quality computer training settled over the years. Aside from these achievements, the school also added courses Computerized Accounting, Business Management, and Computer Technology, to offer more career opportunities for the students. It was in the same year that the college renamed to College America – Denver. The school continuously achieved development and improvement in its facilities and curriculum.

Presently, College America is renowned for its quality educational standards. The curricula are specifically designed to meet the shifting trends and requirements of the business and medical industries. It has 681 enrollees and has 45% graduation rate (overall). The college has its main campus in Denver, Colorado and it has branch campuses in Wyoming (Cheyenne), Colorado (Fort Collins and Colorado Springs) Arizona (Flagstaff and Phoenix).

College America Credentials

College America is one of the colleges accredited by Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC). This accrediting commission constantly assesses colleges on their integrity, accountability, continuous improvement, and open communication, to guarantee that colleges on their listcontinue providing a high standard of excellence in education.

How to Get Into College America

You can get to know more of CollegeAmerica’s programs by visiting the link provided. Further information, requirements, and instruction are also posted.

College AmericaSpecializations

Degree in Business Administration in Fraud Management

The degree specializes in forensic accounting or fraud management. Degree in Business Administration in Fraud Management, students develop their skills in investigating and preventing white-collar crimes. They are taught of the practical ways in detecting and preventing fraud in different circumstances like e-business, e-commerce, or face-to-face business. The students are trained with counter-fraud technologies and fraud investigation methods.

As a graduate of this course, an individual can apply in certain position s in different industries, such as, credit care and financial services, telecommunication, insurance and banking.He/She can fraud managers, fraud specialists, government auditors, internal auditors, private investigators, store investigators, security and loss executives and forensic accountants in different government and business sectors.

The average earnings of a graduate of Fraud Management differs depending on the skill and training and the company they are working for. The following are the average annual earnings of a Fraud Management degree holder:

  • Fraud investigator – $69,000;
  • Insurance fraud investigators – $60,000;
  • Private investigators – $60,390;
  • Security and loss prevention directors and vice-presidents – $77,000-$80,000;
  • Store detectives – $25,000

Obtaining a degree in Business Administration in Fraud Management takes four years if you enroll to a full-time collegiate course in a recognized university or college. This course is offered online, but the completion will depend on the study speed of the enrollee as well as the number of load that the school offers on its online program.

Other Courses/Degrees Offered at College America

College America offers various academic programs. They are also providing distance-learning or an individual can pursue a program online. You can check the link provided to know more.

Contact College America

College America (Main Campus)

1385 South Colorado Boulevard

Denver, CO 80222

(303) 534-0226

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