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Clark University, a private research university and liberal arts college, seeks to educate students, to develop them as imaginative and contributing citizens of the world, and to improve the borders of knowledge and understanding by proper scholarship and creative effort. The university trains students to meet the hardships of a complex and rapidly changing society.

The university which is founded in 1887 in Worcester, Massachusetts, is the oldest educational institution created as an all-graduate university. It is among the New England universities (together with Harvard and Yale) to be a founding member of the Association of American Universities. The AAU is the organization of universities who have the most prominent profiles in research and graduate education. However, in 1999, Clark removed its membership in the association as there has been a conflict about its mission. Clark is among the 40 schools included in the book Colleges that Changes Lives by Loren Pope.

Clark has enrolled 3,416 students and has achieved 78% overall graduation rate; the graduation rate of four-year degree courses is 69%, while 76% graduates from six-year degree courses.

Clark University Credentials

Clark is recognized by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Inc. through the Commission on Institutions of Higher Education.

A university receiving an accreditation from the New England Association means that the institution meets or goes beyond the criteria for the evaluation of institutional quality regularly through a peer-review process. Aside from this, the recognized institution has the available resources to attain its stated goals through suitable educational doing, has been extensively doing and provides rational evidence that it will pursue to do so in the future. The integrity of the institution is as well reviewed in the accreditation.

How to Get Into Clark University

You can visit the following link to know more of Clark University’s available programs. Further information, requirements, and instruction are being posted in the link as well.

Clark UniversitySpecializations

Degree in Info Systems – Information Systems Management

This degree is the combination of information technology skills and business expertise. The students are trained in these aspects since it is beneficial when they gain employment in different IT industries. The program puts an emphasis in giving students interdisciplinary skills that would prepare the student for challenging IT position whether in public or private organizations.

The degree in Computer Information Systems- Information Systems Management is in demand in various establishments with computer-related transactions. Career opportunities include Computer and information systems manager, project manager, MIS Directors, LAN/WAN managers, Systems Analyst, Computer Support Specialist, Software Engineer, Network Security Engineer and System Administrator.

Being pursue for different IT related position in different industries, a graduate of Information Systems – Information Systems Management can earn an average of $113,720 yearly as Computer and Information Systems Manager. Starting salary of individuals with Bachelor’s degree is $43,653 while Master’s degree holders starting wage is $57,618. However, the salary is based on the skills and expertise of an individual, level of position, industry of the company they work for, and the financial capacity of the company. Grouped base on the industry, the average annual wage of computer information systems managers are as follows:

  • Software publishers – $107,870
  • Computer Systems Design and Related Services – $103,850
  • Management of Companies and Enterprises – $99,880
  • Insurance Carriers – $97,900
  • Depository Credit Intermediation – $86,450.

Completing a degree in Info Systems with an emphasis of Information Systems Management Degree takes 4 and ½ years (full-time) or 181 quarter credit hours of collegiate study in a university or college.

Other Courses/Degrees Offered at Clark University

Clark University provides broad academic programs, which may be pursued online. If you are interested with other degrees you can check the link provided.

Contact Clark University

Clark University

950 Main Street

Worcester, MA 01610

Tel: 1-800 GO Clark


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