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CDI College imposes a career-focused curriculum. Students are trained according to what employers seek. The college assures that once its students gets out in the academe, the students are very confident since they are knowledgeable about their field and possess the suitable skill set.

The college is designed as a private, for-profit university situated in Canada. It was first named as the Toronto School of Businessand was established in 1976. In July 2003, it was acquired by the Corinthian Colleges Inc. Four years later, CDI College was sold to its current owner, the Eminata College.

Currently, CDI College has 5,000 enrollees. It has 15 campus location, 5 of which is in British Columbia, 5 in Alberta, 4 in Quebec, and 1 in Manitoba.

CDI College Credentials

CDI Colleges in Canada has been given different credentials by different accrediting bodies/organizations, as well grants and licenses. However, each province in Canada has different regulatory body.

The CDI College in British Columbia is recognized by the Private Career Training Institutions Agency (PCTIA) of BC. The programs in Alberta campuses are licensed by Alberta Advanced Education.

In the two Canadian provinces, CDI College is also renowned. CDI – Manitoba is credited by the Manitoba branch of the National Association of Career Colleges while in Quebec, all three CDI colleges has been accredited by the Quebec Ministry of Education, Leisure, and Sport.

How to Get Into CDI College

If you’re interested to get certification and/or associate programs in CDI College, you can check the following link for more information. Requirements and instructions are posted as well.

CDI College Specializations

Degree in Retail Management Concentration

This degree is an area of concentration of Bachelor of Business Administration. This degree prepares students for comprehensive opportunities usually in managerial and administrative positions in almost all organizations. Students also obtain essential knowledge and professional skills in all business phases (e.g. planning, organizing, etc.).

A degree holder in Retail Management can establish his/her own business. It would be a great advantage for an individual since he/she has knowledge on how to maximize sales volume and manage a business easily and effectively. Knowledge and skills in business theories, strategies and techniques in marketing, and financial accounting is very much applicable once a degree holder decides to establish a business. Hence, a strong interpersonal communication skill is required. Usual tasks of a Retail Manage include financial transactions, stocking shelves or rocks and taking inventory.

Different job positions related with Retail Management have different salary. In 2010, it is reported that the average annual earning of retail managers is $51,320 while $37,895 is earned by assistant managers. Retail sales person can earn an average of $24,630 per year and sales-related positions earn $36,020 in average yearly.

Retail Management is offered in certificate programs as well as in Associates and Bachelor degrees. Usually, the degree takes one to four years to complete while it would take one to two years of study if you are enrolled to a certificate program.

Other Courses/Degrees Offered at CDI College

Interested in other degrees?  CDI College offers a wide variety of courses and degrees which you may pursue online.

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