Degree in Business Administration-Sales

A Bachelor of Science in Business Administration-Sales Management Degree helps students prepare for a variety of positions in the business field while incorporating skills in communication, critical thinking and technical competency that will be required in the modern workplace. The program is a wide spectrum of courses focusing on accounting practices and business principles with advertising and marketing techniques. The student is also taught how to lead and motivate a team of sales people to gain higher profits.

What Kind of Jobs Can I Get with a Business Administration-Sales Degree?

A graduate with A Bachelor of Science in Business Administration-Sales Management Degree can get various job opportunities in most industrial and business fields. They can get jobs as a Sales Manager, Director of Sales, Sales Representative, Customer Service Manager and Account Sales Executive.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Business Administration-Sales Degree?

The length of time to acquire a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration-Sales Management Degree differ according to the school the student will enroll in. Traditionally a Bachelor of Business Administration degree will take a full term 4-year collegiate course in an accredited university or college. However, some schools offer the program to a student who already has an associate degree and this will take 2 to 2 1/2 years to complete. Otherwise it may take up to 5 years to accomplish. This program is also offered online and some schools have a 3 year full term course completion time.

How Much Can I Earn with a Business Administration-Sales Degree?

According to BLS (Bureau of Labor) sales and marketing related jobs may vary according to the degree of their expertise and in the type of industry or company they are employed with. The average annual wages for sales managers is $84,220, marketing managers at $87,640 and for public relations managers at $70,000.

What Are Common Classes Involved in Earning a Business Administration-Sales Degree?

The common classes to acquire a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration-Sales Management Degree are the following: Business Communications, Business Ethics, Economics, Statistics, Buyer Behavior, Marketing Research, Advertising, Principles of Selling, Sales Management, Retailing and Distribution, Business-to-Business Marketing and International Marketing.

What Levels of Degree can be Gained with a Business Administration-Sales Degree?

An Associate of Applied Science in Business Administration-Sales degree prepares a student for a career in sales and marketing and in pursing all the income opportunities they want. The course curriculum is a combination of microcomputer and accounting skills with techniques in management. The program is designed to develop a student’s leadership and teamwork skills. It also develops their ability in motivating people and in effective communications. The program emphasizes in the development of problem-solving and decision-making skills which can help a student pursue a successful business administration career.

A Bachelor of Business Administration Degree educates a student in finance, business practices, management, business analysis, effective communication, information technologies and quantitative reasoning. The program also expands a student’s understanding of the basic marketing principles and enables them to develop a deeper exposure to specialized areas like advertising campaigns, marketing problems and solutions, product management, understanding distribution channels and sales strategies.

A Master of Business Administration degree is granted to a student after they have undergone one or two years of study in a graduate-level university. The program also provides a student the training they need in the practice and theory of business management. The degree certifies that you are generally competent in the major functions and roles of management in a modern corporation. An MBA degree can accelerate your career and degree holders can demand for higher salaries.

A Master of Management Degree is a post-graduate degree awarded to students who have completed one or two years of business coursework in a graduate level program. This program is designed for a student who has an interest in business management. The structure of the program may vary from each school but resembles one of the 5 types of MBAs: part-time, distance learning, accelerated, executive or 2 year. It is designed for young professionals who have limited work experience. It prepares a student on how to handle all kinds of management issues in different sectors of business but with the option on specializing or concentrating in one area. The student may concentrate in areas like: accounting, strategic management, finance, international business, information systems, marketing management, human resources and operations management.

A Master of Science in Organizational Leadership degree is a 33 credit hour graduate-level program which is designed to foster a student’s growth and development in the six areas of leadership. The areas of leadership are: skills in interpersonal and communication; self-awareness and growth; ethics of leadership; interpreting, understanding and the use of data to improve performance; understanding and leading complex teams and organizations; implementation and strategic analysis. The program emphasizes in effective writing to meet the expectations voiced out by business leaders.

A Master of Marketing Research Degree is a one to 3 year graduate degree program. Students study the aspects of doing research in the marketing field. Being a general degree, students are made to focus on marketing research. The program puts more stress on the practical application of marketing research problems in the real world rather than its theoretical application. The program gives students the specific instructions on variable coding, research methodology, database management and construction. The coursework includes database management, statistics in marketing; focus group development and consumer behavior.

What Are the Best Colleges To Get a Business Administration-Sales Degree?

The best colleges to acquire a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration-Sales Management Degree are the following: University of Phoenix, Liberty University, Strayer University, Baker College Online, Kaplan University, Walden University, Argosy University, Jones International University, DeVry University and Western Governors University.

What is the Average Cost of a Business Administration-Sales Degree?

The average tuition cost to complete Bachelor of Science in Business Administration-Sales Management Degree may vary for every university or college, its location, the additional costs on top of the tuition and on the number of credit hours it will take to complete the whole program.

One school charges a total tuition cost of $26,660 for its on-campus instruction with its rates higher with its online format. Another school charges a tuition cost of $36,000 to complete a 120 credit hour program.

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