Degree in Business Administration-Human Resources

A Bachelor of Business Administration-Human Resources Degree educates the student to develop skills on corporate headhunting, business training, benefits analysis, recruitment, compensation, occupational health and safety, leadership, labor relations, organizational behavior and motivational techniques. A student also will also develop and improve the business concepts and strategies they will need in everyday business operations and in practical life.

What Kind of Jobs Can I Get with a Business Administration-Human Resources Degree?

A Bachelor of Business Administration-Human Resources Degree can obtain for an individual opportunity to work in both the private and public sector such as retail and general business, financial institutions, manufacturing, legal firms, government and human resources consultancy firms. They can get jobs as a: human resources administrator, human resources generalist, human resources specialist, recruitment assistant, compensation and benefit administrator, training coordinator, labor relations administrator and junior HR analyst.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Business Administration-Human Resources Degree?

To acquire a Bachelor of Business Administration-Human Resources Degree it will take a student a 3-4 year full time collegiate course with an accredited university or college. This course is also offered online.

How Much Can I Earn with a Business Administration-Human Resources Degree?

According to US Bureau of Labor the average annual salary for Human Resources related positions are the following: Compensation and Benefits manager -$66,530; Training and Development Managers – $67,640; Human Resources Managers-$81,810. Other positions can average $80,000 depending on the level of the employee’s skill and the financial capacity of the corporation they are working for.

What Are Common Classes Involved in Earning a Business Administration-Human Resources Degree?

The common classes to complete a Bachelor of Business Administration-Human Resources Degree are the following: Principles of Human Resources Management, Employment and Human Rights Law, Training and Development, Recruitment and Selection, Workplace Health and Safety, Performance Management, Human Resources Planning, Labor Relations, Microeconomics, Personal Computer Fundamentals, Principles of Management, Human Relations and Development, Organizational Communications, Organizational Theory and Behavior, Leadership, Intercultural management, Information Systems Management, Workplace Security ,Managerial Accounting, Compensation and Benefits, Employment Law, Collective Bargaining, International management, Staffing Organizations and Business Policy and Strategy.

What Levels of Degree Can be Gained with a Business Administration-Human Resources Degree?

An Advanced Diploma in Human Resources Degree prepares the student with the skills they need for a career in Human Resources. They will also learn skill in the efficient use of software that is industry standard. They are also given the opportunity to directly interact with industry professionals and participation in opportunities for hands-on learning like case competitions. Upon completion of the course the student may be able to accomplish a program for a Human Resources Strategy and Technology degree in two years or pursue other Bachelor Degrees.

A Bachelor of Business Administration-Human Resources Degree develops a student’s practical managerial skills, decision-making capacity and communication skills. This program will take a student 4 years of full time study or an equivalent of 120 credit units. This degree is designed for students to have a broader knowledge of the functions of a company and their interconnections. It trains students to be able to perform a variety of tasks in the corporate world like to decide how a company should be staffed, whether to hire within the company or use independent contractors. Graduates are expected to deal with performance issues so that the needs of the employer and employee are met and manageable. Students are also taught how to recruit and train employees to be top performers.

A Bachelor of Commerce Degree provides the student with a vast range of managerial skills while building their competence in a particular field. In most universities, this degree is an additional to the student’s major. The student is then exposed to subjects such as general business principles, organizational behavior and quantitative analysis. The curriculum focuses on academics like statistics economics and practical business subjects like Accountancy, management, law, finance, marketing and Cooperative Education programs. Degree holders of a BBA-Human Resources can take up a Bachelor of Commerce Degree with concentrations in Business Management, Business Technology Management, Financial Services Management, Municipal and Corporate Administration, Human Resources Strategy and Technology, International Accounting and Finance.

A Bachelor of Arts Degree can be awarded to a student with an undergraduate course or to a student who has completed a program in liberal arts, sciences or both. These programs are completed with 3 to 4 years depending on the country, the specific major or minor courses and on the academic institution. In other schools, this degree is awarded to non-liberal arts courses like business administration and sciences because the students are required a strong liberal arts background in the delivery of the course content. Degree holders of a Bachelor of Business Administration-Human Resources Degree may take the Bachelor of Arts Degree with a concentration on Business Administration or Business Administration-International Development.

What Are the Best Colleges To Get a Business Administration-Human Resources Degree?

The best colleges to acquire a Bachelor of Business Administration-Human Resources Degree are the following: Seneca (Ontario, Canada), George Brown College, University of Phoenix, Strayer University, Saint Leo University Online, Baker College Online, Kaplan University, Walden University, Argosy University, DeVry University.

What is the Average Cost of a Business Administration-Human Resources Degree?

The average tuition cost for a Bachelor of Business Administration-Human Resources Degree may vary depending on the school and its location. In one university the tuition cost for this degree totals to $2,986.00 annually.

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