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A. Scholarships Available


Hansa Language Center knows that education at a higher level is both a profound challenge and a privilege. For students to consider Canada as a serious academic destination, Hansa offers students scholarships in their first year of study at a university or college that works within their Educational Pathways. The students are required to study in the Intensive English Program for no less than 240 hours, receive an 80% score in the level 9 examination of Hansa, and meet all the academic requirement of the institution they chose to attend.

Eligible students from Hansa will receive a $1000 scholarship award from the Brock-Hansa International Award

How to Apply

Interested applicants must fill up an online application that can be downloaded from the website. Once completed the applicant must send the printed version thru fax or email to Hansa in the contact details indicated below.

Program Requirements

The scholarship is offered to students who are enrolled for at least a minimum of 240 hours with Hansa Language Center and earns a score of 80% in Hansa’s level 9 examination. The student must also meet all the academic requirements of the institution that they have chosen to attend.

Restrictions or Rules

The scholarship is administered between the institution affiliated with Hansa’s Educational Pathways and Hansa Language Center. The scholarship award of $1000 only applies to the first year of collegiate study of the student in the affiliated school of Educational Pathways that the student has chosen to attend.

Contact details

51 Eglington Ave.
East Toronto Ontario M4P 1G7 Canada
Phone: 416-487-8643
Fax: 416-487-8620

2160 Yonge Street
Toronto Ontario M4S 2A8 Canada
Phone: 416-485-1410
Fax: 416-485-4518


As part of their ongoing commitment in furthering the vision of Dr. Anita Borg, Google is offering the Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship to women who excel in technology and computers to become the active leaders and role models.

Dr. Borg devoted most of her adult life in revolutionizing the way of thinking concerning technology and in dismantling the barriers that kept minorities and women from entering the fields of computing and technology. Her mix of technical expertise and her fearless vision will continue to motive and inspire numerous women to become the active leaders and participants in the creation of technology.

How to Apply

The application process is closed for the 2011 scholarship and the Finalists and Scholars have already been selected. Applicants are requested to check back on the Google website at the end of the 2011 year to apply for the scholarship offer for 2012. The deadline for the next year’s scholarship is on February 1, 2012.

To apply, the applicant must register and create a profile on the Google Website and complete an online application for the scholarships at

Program Requirements

The multiple scholarships are awarded basing on the candidates’ strength in their academic performance, demonstration of their passion for computer science and leadership experience. Several women student finalists who are taking their Master’s, Bachelor’s and PhDs are to be chosen from the application pool. Each one of the scholarship awardees shall receive €7,000 (or its equivalent) in scholarships.

The candidates should be:

  • A female student who is enrolled in a Master’s, Bachelor’s or PhD program (or its equivalent) in the academic year 2011-2012
  • Enrolled in a University in the Middle East, Europe or in Africa. The permanent residents, citizens and international students will be eligible to apply
  • Studying Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Informatics or a technical field that is closely related
  • Maintaining their excellent academic record (for example: degree that has First Class Honours)

Restrictions or Rules

In June 2011, the scholarship finalists and recipients are invited to Zurich to attend the Google’s Engineering Center for a networking retreat. This includes workshops with a series of panels, speakers, social activities and breakout sessions that shall provide the opportunity for all the finalists to meet and share with all their experiences.

Contact details


The Society of Women’s Engineers Scholarship Program will provide the financial assistance women need to be admitted to the accredited graduate or baccalaureate programs in their preparation for their careers in engineering technology, engineering and computer science. In the 2010 fiscal year, the SWE disbursed over 170 scholarships ( new and renewed) worth almost $500,000.

How to Apply

Interest applicant must complete the online scholarship application that can be obtained from this site

Any inquiries about the scholarship system and application must be sent to the scholarship system message center.

Program Requirements

The first international scholarship was awarded in 2010. The scholarship will once again be warded to a student enrolled in a university located in Queretaro, Queretaro, Mexico. There are numerous SWE approved programs with 4 universities.

Restrictions or Rules

The grants will be announced during the summer for junior, sophomore, graduate and senior students, and in late summer or early fall for the re-entry and freshmen students to be applied in the following academic year.

The grant payments will be made during the fall for the corporate-sponsored scholarships and both in the spring and fall for the endowed scholarships upon the student’s proof of registration.

The accredited programs will be based on the ABET accreditation for the US universities. The list of universities and colleges that are SWE approved are in the same list of ABET accredited programs I computing (CAC), engineering (EAC) and technology (TAC)

Contact details

The Society of Women Engineers
120 S La Salle Street
Suite 1515 Chicago,IL 60603

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