Biology Financial Aid, Scholarships and Grants for School

A. Scholarships Available


TBA Postgraduate Scholarships are funded through the consortium of the TBA funders. These scholarships are offered yearly by Tropical Biology Association to the African alumni. It is intended to assist the African Alumni in undertaking their postgraduate studies after finishing their TBA courses. This is part of the TBA alumni’s follow up programs for support that were designed to help promote the development of human resource and to strengthen the professional expertise among the African biologists in their biodiversity research and conservation.

How to Apply

The application forms can be downloaded from the website as a PDF or WORD file.
The Applications must be accomplished in English and must include the following:

  • Application forms for TBA postgraduate scholarships must be duly filled
  • 2 pages of cover letter (not more) indicationg how applicant will benefit from this course, apply the education to enhancing biodiversity conservation in the country, district, region and community
  • Acceptance letter (1 copy) to a university program, or submit a documentation indicating the applicant has applied for their Masters study or an equivalent
  • Employer’s letter confirming the current status of the applicant and they will be allowed to take time off during study
  • Reference letters (2) written by a person who supervised the applicant during their academic studies or during professional employment. Applicants must ensure that referees send the reference letters in time.

Applicant must send the complete application forms with supporting documents to the address indicated below.

Program Requirements

Eligibility requirements:

  • The applicants should be African nationals who attended a TBA course
  • Priority is given to applicants who attended courses from 2001

The guidelines for applications can also be downloaded in PDF format from the site.
Applicants should pursue the postgraduate degree that would directly enhance their conservation and research skills as it is relevant to their country.

Restrictions or Rules

The scholarship includes:

  • Funding is granted for until 2 study year that leads to the awarding of a Master’s degree
  • Depending on the study program proposed, the scholarship will cover tuition fees, study materials, a modest living allowance and travel costs.

Contact details

TBA Postgraduate Scholarship
c/o Nature Kenya
PO Box 44486
Tel: +254 20 3749957/3746090
Fax: +254 20 3741049

B. Grants Available


Toyota stands on two pillars – its respect for the people and for continuous improvement- and it believes that to make a difference they should help diverse groups of people in improving the quality of life of their communities. The company partners with schools, organizations and nonprofit support programs that help make our world better. Toyota focus their commitment and efforts in 3 key areas: environment, education and safety. The areas Toyota operates their major facilities, they sponsor programs in culture and arts as well as in human services and health.

How to ApplyProgram Requirements

The grant proposals sent to Toyota Tapestry must demonstrate creativity, possess visionary quality, involve risk-taking, and create a novel way in presenting science. The proposed projects must promote innovative and exciting activities that will motivate students in science.

Online Proposals must be completed no later than 11:59PM, Eastern Standard Time, March 3, 2011, Thursday.

Winners will be notified on April 2011. Non-winners will be sent notice on June 2011.

Restrictions or Rules

50 grants worth $10,000 will be awarded for the competition in 2011.

The application for Toyota Tapestry is open for K-12 teacher of science as well as high school and middle school science teachers teaching at least 2 classes of science per day. The program is also open for elementary teacher teaching classroom science or is a teaching specialist. Applicants should have a minimum of 2 years of teaching experience in science in K-12 school excluding the current school year. The project director must be the only one to meet the above criteria. The project staff can consist of administrators or educators in any discipline.

Contact details


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