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10 Best Mechanical Engineering Schools: University Ratings Review

Mechanical engineering courses are prestigious and assure you of getting well-paying jobs. To get a career in mechanical engineering, start by enrolling in one of the best mechanical engineering schools.

The process of looking for a school that’ll meet your needs is demanding. You need to check the courses offered, the learning programs, and how much it’ll cost you to complete the studies. It doesn’t end here, as you need to register and secure a place in your school of choice. Most of the best mechanical engineering schools have strict admission requirements.

In this review, we have selected the ten best mechanical engineering schools you can consider. The information provided will help narrow down your options to make an informed decision. Since the tuition cost isn’t all you’ll be thinking about, read along for a guide of other factors to consider.

Mechanical Engineering Schools FAQ

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1. What Are Mechanical Engineering Schools?

2. What Courses Are Offered in Mechanical Engineering Schools?

3. How Can You Enroll in a Mechanical Engineering School?

4. How Much Does It Cost to Pursue Mechanical Engineering Courses?

5. Where Can You Find the Best Mechanical Engineering Schools?

How We Reviewed

We considered the experiences of students to find the pros and cons of every institution. We also considered the overall cost and tell you a bit about each one so you can make a considered choice.

Overall Tuition Cost

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Enrolling in a mechanical engineering school will cost you a considerable amount of money. It's important to know if you're registering for a certificate or a degree program. This is one of the factors that influence the cost of your tuition fees.

Generally, you should budget to spend a minimum of approximately $15,700 annually as an in-state student. It'll cost a minimum of roughly $54,800 per year for international students.

What We Reviewed

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  • Northwestern University
  • Stanford University
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Pennsylvania State University
  • Brown University
  • University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
  • University of California, Berkeley
  • University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
  • Cornell University

Northwestern University

Northwestern University website


Northwestern University is known as one of the best mechanical engineering schools. Also known as Robert R. Mccormick School of engineering, it heavily invests in research in nanotechnology, information technology, and infrastructure and service technologies.

Application deadline for a course in mechanical engineering is on 15 December each year. You’ll pay an application fee of $95 whether you’re a resident or international students.  

You can choose from across the 15 master’s degree programs available in the school’s eight departments. These courses are offered full-time. They include mechanical engineering, biotechnology, engineering design, biomedical engineering, and innovation.

There are four part-time master’s degree programs offered for those who don’t; want to learn full-time. They include product design and development, information technology, engineering management, and project management. The classes for IT and project management programs are on Saturday

Classes for part-time development program and design are once per week, while for engineering management is fortnightly.


  • Lots of fun activities around the campus
  • Flexible class schedule
  • Part-time classes
  • Prestigious University  
  • A wide range of courses offered


  • Costly
  • The weather can be frigid
  • The facilities are not updated

Tuition Cost

Tuition cost for full-time master’s program is approximately $52,240. Part-time classes cost $6,195 per credit. For doctoral programs, you’ll pay around $69,652 annually full-time or $1,695 per credit part-time.

Stanford University

Stanford University website


The engineering faculty at Stanford University has been at the forefront of engineering and groundbreaking research. The college is dedicated to the application of engineering principles to tackle significant challenges of the 21st Century.

Stanford school of engineering has a wide range of undergraduate programs that lead to bachelor and master’s programs in mechanical engineering. The school features nine academic departments.

They include Bioengineering, Aeronautics, chemical engineering, and computer science. The others are civil and environmental, electrical, mechanical, management and science, and materials science and engineering.

These departments are responsible for research activities, graduate curricula, and components of undergraduate curricula.

Instructions in the school of engineering are offered in spring, winter, and autumn quarters. During summer, only a small number of the courses are provided.


  • Flexible curriculum
  • A wide range of courses
  • Accredited courses
  • Easy transfer of credits
  • Great student experience with mentorship and research opportunities


  • Low acceptance rate compared to other schools
  • Expensive

Tuition Cost

Undergraduate students pay approximately $51,353 per year.

University of Wisconsin-Madison

University of Wisconsin-Madison website


If you're looking for a prestigious school of Engineering, consider enrolling in University of Wisconsin- Madison. Here, you'll have an opportunity to blend your knowledge with practical skills to bring out the best engineer in you. The school offers an outstanding curriculum, and the world-class faculty focuses on delivering practical knowledge.

The classes are a mixture of technological tools, knowledge, and resources aimed at developing solutions. Learning isn’t confined to the classroom only. The study lounge in the engineering department, state-of-the-art maker-space, and engineering mall are equipped with learning materials.

The college offers highly-ranked undergraduate and graduate programs. The rigorous coursework and supportive community will prepare you for real engineering life as it is.


  • Both undergraduate and graduate programs
  • Flexible learning locations
  • Supportive community
  • Affordable
  • Many research opportunities available


  • Rigorous and highly demanding coursework
  • Lack of direct interaction with professors
  • Extensive campus

Tuition Cost

It’ll cost you approximately $34,783 as an out-of-state student and $10,533 as an in-state student.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology website


Massachusetts Institute of Technology has been successful in nurturing engineers. The school has both undergraduate and graduate courses in engineering. It emphasizes research to ensure students are presented with reliable and updated information.

Some of the courses you can choose from are biological engineering, aeronautics and astronautics, and chemical engineering. The school also has departments in civil and environmental engineering, computer science and electrical engineering, and materials science and engineering.


  • A wide range of courses available
  • The school is internationally recognized and at the technological forefront


  • Costly
  • Lacks a supportive community

Tuition Cost

Undergraduate tuition fees in Massachusetts Institute of Technology are approximately $51,375.

Pennsylvania State University

Pennsylvania State University website


Pennsylvania State University has an outstanding tradition of educational innovation and excellence. It’s one of the oldest institutions that offer engineering programs in the United States. The focus of the engineering department is on the development of world-class engineers and research.

The engineering program focuses on creating students who will engage professionally in the industry. They are also prepared for competence to sit for the professional engineering exam.


  • Flexible learning schedule
  • Many courses available
  • Affordable
  • Beautiful countryside
  • More opportunities for learning


  • Acceptance rate is very low
  • A huge campus with considerable distance from hostels to classes

Tuition Cost

In-state students pay approximately $19,000 for undergraduate programs and around $21,752 for graduate. Out-of-state students pay around $34,997 for undergraduate and $35,586 for graduate annually.

Brown University

Brown University website


The engineering department at Brown University is dedicated to educating future engineers in the fundamentals of engineering. It provides a world-class learning and research environment. The school emphasizes the interdisciplinary approach to education.

The courses offered in the school of engineering lead to Bachelor of Arts, Science, Master of Science and Master of Science in Innovation Management.


  • Undergraduate and graduate programs
  • World-class research and learning
  • Cooperative and supportive community
  • Lovely surroundings


  • Segregation of the community
  • Costly accommodation

Tuition Cost

Undergraduate tuition fees at Brown University are approximately $55,554.

University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

University of Minnesota Twin Cities website


The application deadline for engineering courses at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities is 15 December. There’s an application fee of $75 for local students and $95 for international students.

As an undergraduate student, you can choose from one of the 18 available courses. The college is dedicated to offering not just an education but the knowledge to solve the most significant challenges within society. You'll also get a chance to engage in research if interested.


  • Use of natural waterfall to study fluid mechanics
  • The lab is a research center with digital technology
  • 22 Master of Science programs, 17 of which can advance to Ph.D
  • Diverse extra-curricular activities


  • Low acceptance rate
  • High student-faculty ratio than the average nationally

Tuition Cost

In-state students pay approximately $14,417 annually. Out-of-state will part with about $26,600.

University of California, Berkeley

University of California, Berkeley website


The engineering community at the University of California, Berkley is full of innovators and collaborators. The school offers undergraduate programs that are the gateway to many advanced opportunities. You can take up an advanced degree, technical profession, or an entrepreneurial career after the undergraduate course.

The school has programs you can choose from, all of which will serve you with the experience you need. Global partnerships with the school of engineering ensure student get exposed to real-life engineering opportunities to enhance their careers.


  • Global partnerships that enhance your career path
  • Executive education
  • Graduate and undergraduate programs
  • Diverse programs


  • Fewer programs to choose from than other schools
  • Tuition fees for out-of-state students much higher than for in-state students

Tuition Cost

The tuition costs at the University of California; Berkeley is approximately $42,184 for out-of-state students. In-state students pay approximately $14,170.

University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

University of Michigan Ann Arbor website


The application deadline at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor is on a rolling basis. The application fee is $75 for local students and $90 for international ones. The faculty has programs for interdisciplinary, doctoral, and Master’s classes.

All of the classes have project-based learning. Outside the classroom, students can enjoy an array of relaxing activities like periodic luncheons. The Just Ask program gives a lot of support to the students.


  • Supportive Alumni Sharing Knowledge program
  • Designated residence on-campus
  • Lively social life
  • Top performing school


  • Expensive rates for out-of-state students
  • Low acceptance rate

Tuition Cost

It’ll cost you approximately $14,826 as an in-state student annually. Out-of-state students will part with roughly $47,476.

Cornell University

Cornell University website


Cornell University School of engineering is ranked position 15 in the Ivy League. The school provides f14 undergraduate programs and 15 undergraduate majors. The school has a rolling application deadline.

The application fee for enrollment in the school is $105 for both local and international students. It has a wide range of courses to choose from in both undergraduate and graduate programs.


  • High-quality programs
  • Many pre-professional majors
  • Sports activities
  • Large and beautiful rural campus


  • It gets freezing cold
  • Expensive
  • Diversity causes segregation
  • Unhealthy competition
  • Low acceptance rate

Tuition Cost

Tuition fees cost approximately $29,500 annually for the masters and full-time doctoral program.

The Verdict

front gate of the best mechanical engineering school of Northwestern University

In reviewing the best mechanical engineering schools, we decided Northwestern University is the best. We liked it for offering part-time classes to students who can’t enroll full-time. Although the most expensive among those we reviewed, the benefits are worth the cost.  

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