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Berklee College of Music traces its roots from what was then known as Schillinger House, a school that teaches jazz founded by Lawrence Berk in 1945. When the school’s curriculum broadened to include classes in music education and more traditional music theory, Berk changed its name to Berklee School of Music in 1954. The college was established based on the belief that the best way to prepare students for a musical career is by letting them study and practice contemporary music. Berklee College, with its more than half a century of experience, has evolved to be the reflection of what state of the art music and the music business is all about. With its diverse and gifted student populace from more than 70 countries all across the globe, over a dozen performance and nonperformance majors, and famous alumni in the music industry, Berklee has established itself as the world’s leading learning music lab.

To date, the College has more than 4,000 students; about 25% of whom came from 80 countries worldwide, mostly from Korea, Japan, Canada, Mexico, and Italy. All these students will be receiving topnotch music education as Berklee is committed to educating, training, and molding its students to have outstanding careers in music. Towards this end, the curriculum of the college was created to specifically to bring out and further develop the musicianship of all its students. Apart from providing technical skills in this field, the school also focuses on drawing out values of self-discipline, empathy, openness, and inquisitiveness from among its students considering that all these traits are necessary to excel in music and in life in general.

Evidences of the effectiveness of Berklee’s teaching approach are the numerous awards conferred to its alumni by prestigious award giving bodies such as the Grammy’s, Oscars, and Emmy Awards, among others.

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Degree in Music Composition

A Bachelor of Arts Degree with Music Composition as major encompasses music theory, literature, and music history. The course helps students into becoming composers of vision, experience, and substance. During the course of the study, they are encouraged to develop and enhance their creative and individual musical abilities. Some of the classes that they have to take include composition, music theory, music history, electronic keyboard technique, and film composition technique.

Those who earned a Music Composition degree can work as composer-performer, composer-conductor, university instructor in composition, music copyist, assistant composer, music director, music composer, or music journalist/critic. They also have the potential to have an annual income ranging from $25,000 to $60,000; the exact amount depends largely on factors such as experience, skills, educational attainment, company, and past work, among others.

Degree in Audio Production

Musically-inclined individuals who are interested to know what happens inside a recording studio as much as listening to the end result of the recording would make fitting students for a Degree in Audio Production. Those who are taking up this degree will be taught a combination of different subjects that is related to audio production such as audio technology, music, or recording arts. They can also take classes in studio recording, audio for video, digital audio technology, live sound reinforcement, and field recording.

After graduation, Audio Production Degree Majors can work in the entertainment industry by having a career in music recording, live theater, film and television, and even on production of video games. They can also start a career as radio operator, audio editor, broadcast technician, audio technician or field technician. However, for those who truly have passion and gift for music, they can hold positions like sound engineering technician in a music studio where they can not only record and mix music but create sound effects as well. Working with various musical artists and musicians is also a viable option.

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